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Google Talk support shuts down

28 Jun 2022

On June 16th, 2022 Google ended their support for Google Talk service, effectively shutting down connection to it via XMPP protocol.


How to create a professional email template in eM Client

16 Jun 2022

When you create an email, there are a lot of things to consider than just the text of your message – the visual style is something that most readers will notice first. And if you have your own business or brand, it becomes even more crucial that your message looks professional and keeps a consistent look which is something email templates can be used for.


Vivomeetings offer for eM Client users

27 May 2022

Vivomeetings is a cloud-based solution for hosting all meetings and conference calls in one place. It can also very easily be connected to eM Client and be used as your primary Online meetings solution for your events.


Privacy protection in email communication

25 May 2022

The digital age is filled with dangers and with more and more of our lives taking place online, we need to stay protected – and that includes our communication via email. There are ways to protect your emails not just from external threats but even from the provider of your email service.


eM Client 9 for macOS is officially here!

14 Apr 2022

The all-improved eM Client 9 is finally here for everyone! We have taken an extra time to make the app perfect for macOS users, but we promise that the improvements especially for M1 Processors will be worth the wait.


eM Client integrates Webex by Cisco to deliver seamless experiences in meeting planning

13 Apr 2022

eM Client, a Windows and macOS based email client for sending and receiving emails, is partnering with Webex by Cisco in its latest app version to make remote work even more efficient and productive by connecting online meetings and email in one easy-to-use tool.


Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client

8 Mar 2022

Google has recently announced that they will be shutting off use of less secure sign-in technology which can affect some external apps that connect to your Google account. The good news we can share is that eM Client is not one of those less secure apps, since we have supported the secure Google OAuth sign-in method since version eM Client 7.


eM Client 9 - The next version of eM Client is here!

23 Feb 2022

After the release of version 8, we didn't let up for a moment and focused mainly on you, our users, when making the brand new eM Client 9. We have listened carefully, gathered feedback from all possible sources, and implemented the best of your requested features as well as new ideas that will move eM Client forward.


Undisclosed recipients and how to send mass email in eM Client

13 Dec 2021

Need to send emails to multiple recipients without disclosing and revealing their email addresses to each other? Or just have a list of contacts and you want to reach these numerous people at once? Use the Mass Mail feature in eM Client for that.