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3 Jul 2024

eM Client 10 has been released!

eM Client 10 is finally here, and we would dare say it's the biggest upgrade we've ever released! Not only does eM Client 10 bring a huge load of new features, but it also comes with a modernized design and optimizations on all fronts.

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eM Client: Changes coming to our licensing model

2 Jul 2024

We’re always trying to bring something new and keep up with the times with the eM Client app, but something has stayed the same for many years - our license model. You have been requesting changes and more options over the years and we have listened.


Get in Sync: Shared Calendars Guide

17 Apr 2024

Looking to keep track of shared events for your business, team, or family? Shared calendars give you (and others) the power to schedule and manage events. This is an excellent way to avoid confusion for anyone with a busy schedule through a collaborative calendar.


eM Client for iOS and Android is officially here!

22 Mar 2024

Exciting news! eM Client has reached new heights by expanding its compatibility, enabling users to access their preferred mail application on a broader range of devices – introducing the addition of iOS and Android apps alongside the familiar Windows and macOS versions!


Sleekplan App: Share Your Feature Requests for eM Client

6 Mar 2024

We’ve got exciting plans for the future of eM Client, and we want you to be a part of it! eM Client was designed to create an optimal email experience, and the best way to achieve this is through community feedback.


Outlook as data collection and targeted ads service

21 Feb 2024

Microsoft services are used by a lot of computer users on all platforms around the world - but the direction they are taking their services in the current day might take their security into question. We’d like to weigh in on the topic from the eM Client’s point of view as a creator of another email app.


Mass Mail and how to hide recipients in your email

17 Jan 2024

There are many reasons why you might need to hide recipients when sending group messages - and eM Client is here to help you learn how to successfully send an email without disclosing your recipients.