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eM Client is the best equipped email client on the market, thanks to its support of virtually all conceivable email technologies (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Exchange, Office365).

Available for: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

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Generative AI integration

Use Artificial Intelligence, powered by ChatGPT, to help you draft replies or new emails based on your prompts. The AI feature can also provide message summaries, proofread your text, translate, change the tone of your message, or help you make your response shorter or longer, and much more.

You can read more about the AI in eM Client here.

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Message Encryption

Send and receive encrypted messages and protect your privacy with easy-to-set PGP encryption. Use eM Keybook to easily upload your private keys and lookup recipients' keys on it, as well as on keys.openpgp.org and ProtonMail. Learn more about email encryption.

Inbox Categories

eM Client can help you categorize your messages into tabs in your Inbox folder, such as Primary, Social, Updates, and more. Use the categories to help you keep your important emails front and center.

You can also move messages into specific categories manually and create your own custom rules to classify your messages based on your preferences.

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Quick Actions

This feature allows you to create macros to easily automate and execute numerous actions at once, making email management much faster.

Anti Mail tracking

Protect your privacy by blocking the mail tracking pixels present in your messages - the loading of this pixel is blocked automatically and you can read your message in peace without alerting the sender of your activity. Learn more about Mail tracking.

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Snooze incoming messages and control your communication flow to enforce an Inbox Zero policy.

Watch for Reply

Keep track of replies to important emails and never miss a thing.

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Undo Send

Set up an automatic fail-safe to recall a sent message. With this handy feature, you can take back a message if you sent it accidentally or made a small mistake, such as a typo, missing attachment, or even a wrong recipient. You can then fix your message and send it again, but with no mistakes, and to the right place.

Cloud storage support

Send really large attachments by linking them from your preferred cloud storage service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, ownCloud, Nextcloud).

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Instant Translation

There are no language barriers with our built-in translation tools
and spell-checker.

More useful features

DElayed Send

Send Later

Schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time and date.


All Attachments View

Manage and search attachments from all your accounts in a single place.


Conversations support

Group your messages into relevant conversations and have a much cleaner mailbox.

Quick text

Quick Text

Predefine snippets of text to quickly insert into your messages with a single button.

Thread view

Thread view

Easily browse through separate messages in a given conversation.

DElayed Send

Email rules

Use rules to easily organize your incoming and outgoing emails, both locally or synchronized with Gmail.


Templates & signatures

Create beautiful templates. Use local or synchronized signatures with Gmail and Exchange.



Mark your messages with local tags or use your existing Gmail labels and Exchange categories.

Mass Mail

Mass mail

Send a separate, customized message to each recipient from a group in one step.

folder icon

Folder color

Set your preferred color to the folder icon or name to easily navigate your folder list.

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Available for: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android