The eM Client Licensing Model

Whether you’re in charge of a small business, managing your day-to-day tasks, or just responding to emails; eM Client has an option for you. We offer different licenses and subscriptions based on what you need from your eM Client application. This article provides an overview of our licensing model to help clarify the conditions and features available for each type of license. The intention of our licensing model is to create a peaceful experience for all of our users.

Users have three options: Free for individuals, Personal for individuals, and Business for companies. The option you choose depends on which features you want to access in eM Client. If you want to access eM Client on multiple devices; you’ll need to either get a Personal license for 3 devices, obtain more separate licenses or get a multi-device license that can be used for all of your devices – since our model is per-device.

30-day free trial of all features

If you haven’t used eM Client yet, you can test out the unlimited version before buying a license or a subscription. We offer a 30-day free trial of the full-features program for users new to the application. The trial begins right after you install eM Client for the first time. Try out features like Snooze, Attachments View and Automatic Message Translation that are usually only available for users with a paid Personal or Business license.

After the 30 days are over, you’ll need to register and activate your Free license. Or, you can purchase a Personal or Business license to keep your access to advanced features! The eM Client application will remain in offline mode until you activate a valid license.

What is the Free license for eM Client?

A Free eM Client license gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and task management. Users with a free license can add up to two email accounts. For support, eM Client free license users have the option of visiting the Community forum.
The Free license is always valid for the newest major version of the eM Client app but can only be used on one device.

The Free license is only available for personal use. Businesses and organizations need to get a Business license to use eM Client. Discounts are offered to schools and nonprofits.

What is the Personal license for eM Client?

The Personal license provides helpful features for users to improve their productivity and manage their emails. The Personal license can be activated on up to 3 devices.

The paid version of eM Client has innovative solutions to common email management problems; like managing attachments efficiently and translating messages. Personal (and Business) license users have access to the following innovative features:

  • Thread view Thread view
  • Notes Notes
  • Tracking pixels Tracking pixel detection
  • Snooze Snooze email
  • Watch for reply Watch for reply
  • Mass mail Mass mail
  • Undo Send Undo send
  • Send later Send emails later
  • Notes for emails Notes for emails
  • Translation Translation for incoming and outgoing emails
  • Attachments view Attachments view
  • Quick actions Quick Actions
  • MultiChat Teams and Slack integration
  • Categories Change Inbox categories on Gmail

Check the current feature list on the Pricing page.

What is the Business license for eM Client?

Companies have the option to buy a Business license for the employees who need to use eM Client – or for the entire company. A license is needed for each device that will have eM Client installed. You can purchase the number of licenses you need all in one package. The price you pay per device will be lower if you buy more licenses at once.

If you need to purchase more than 50 licenses for your business; reach out to [email protected] to get a quote.

eM Client License Manager for Business licenses

The difference between a Personal license for individuals and Business licenses for companies is that the company license includes access to the License Manager. The license manager gives you full control over all the eM Client licenses on each of the devices in your company. Keep track of your subscriptions, VIP Support and which licenses are activated and add licenses as your company grows.

You can adjust the settings for each license and activation; for example, you can add server settings to customize features across all or specific licenses in your business. Customizable features include shared signatures, email templates, and other tools that are essential for establishing unity across your company.

The License Manager also includes the remote deactivation feature. This can be used to deactivate computers that are no longer accessible – effortlessly from your own device. This adds convenience to the process of making sure eM Client is running smoothly for the entire company.

What’s the difference between a single-device license and a multi-device license?

One license is the equivalent of one seat, which can cover one device. If too many people attempt to use the license, the oldest activated device will be automatically deactivated. This will happen with both Free and Personal licenses for individuals when the seat limit is reached - for Free license this is one device, with Personal it’s three devices. Individual users who wish to access more seats for their devices can purchase additional licenses.

When you initially purchase a Business license, you will be asked how many licenses you wish to buy based on the number of devices you plan to use with eM Client. You will need to purchase the number of licenses needed for each employee. For users with terminal services: terminal servers require the same number of license seats as users in order to accommodate all of the users on the terminal server.

If a new employee needs an eM Client license seat, but you have run out of licenses; you will receive a warning. The warning will explain that you have no seats left on your license and that you need to deactivate a seat from an older device in order to continue. You can also reuse old license seats. For example, if a new employee is hired after someone leaves the company, the new employee can take the license seat.
Or you can expand your license to cover more devices here.

Manage licenses by navigating to Menu > Help > License inside the app or remotely through the License Manager.

What is the difference between one-time payment and subscription?

You can decide if you want to buy eM Client as a subscription for smaller fee or buy the full program at a one-time, fixed price. This price will be higher but your license for the current major version of the product will never expire.

With the eM Client subscription you will always have the newest major versions available.

For example, if you purchase the one-time payment license now, it will be valid for eM Client 10 and all of its subversions (10.1, 10.2, ...) but not for a new major version that would be released in the future (eM Client 11, 12, ...).

If you do want to upgrade your license, you can purchase a one-time payment upgrade for a smaller fee.

However, you don’t have to upgrade your application if you enjoy the version of eM Client that you’re currently using and don’t care about new features. Licenses purchased for the one-time price for the version of eM Client you’re using never expire, so you’ll continue to have access to your application even if you choose not to update.

Note: Some features in future versions might be limited in the one-time payment plans if they require additional on-going payments to a 3rd party provider.

With the subscription you don’t need to worry about upgrades or limited features, but if you let the subscription run out, your program will only work in offline mode until you extend your subscription or activate the program with another valid license.

How does VIP Support work for paid licenses?

You can check the full overview of our Support options here.

License subscriptions include VIP Support access, so as long as you have an active subscription, you can always report issues to our technicians and receive advice or direct help at our Support center.

Users of the one-time payment licenses receive their first year of VIP Support on their first license free, but once it runs out, they need to extend the VIP Support subscription to gain access to the support center again. The VIP Support subscription needs to be active on all your licenses for your account to be reinstated.

Lifetime upgrades on eM Client

Lifetime Upgrades is a bonus option that users can pay for when purchasing the eM Client Personal or Business license for a one-time price. This ensures that your application is always up to date with the newest major version of eM Client. License subscriptions do not need this option as they are always valid for the current major version.

One-time price license users without this feature can only upgrade their application based on version updates and not new version releases.

For example, Personal or Business license users who purchased eM Client while the latest was version 9.1 could upgrade to eM Client version 9.2 without Lifetime upgrades. However, when eM Client version 10 was released; users needed to purchase the major version upgrade to use it.

Users who have opted out of lifetime upgrades have the option to purchase a one-time upgrade for new major versions of eM Client. If you decide that you want to switch to lifetime upgrades; you can easily add lifetime upgrades to your existing Personal or Business license.

You don’t have to upgrade your application if you enjoy the version of eM Client that you’re currently using and don’t care about new features. Licenses that are purchased for a one-time price never expire, so you’ll continue to have access to your application in that version even if you choose not to update.

Do you have more questions about our licensing model? Take a look at our FAQ page about licensing or reach out to us directly at [email protected]. If you’d like to learn more about all the cool features available for you in eM Client - check out our blog!