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eM Client is a fully-featured email client for iOS and Android with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Available for: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

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All-compatible productivity tool

eM Client has an app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, allowing seamless work on all platforms. With its wide range of support for all IMAP, Exchange and POP accounts, it is the best productivity tool for you, no matter what accounts you use.

All compatible tool
Super easy setup

Super easy

eM Client has an Automatic setup feature which detects the supported services and correct settings for your accounts for you. It’s never been easier to setup email on iPhone and Android!

Migration from the desktop app via QR code

Are you already an eM Client user on your desktop, and have all your accounts, signatures and other details set up to your liking? A convenient data migration via QR code is available to export and bring over all these settings from your desktop app into your phone.

QR export from desktop to mobile

Message encryption

Keep your email communication secure with message encryption. Send and receive encrypted messages and protect your privacy with easy-to-set PGP encryption or S/MIME certificates.

Learn more about email encryption.

Message encryption
Instant translation

Instant translation

Break the language barriers with eM Client! The translation tool allows you to translate emails received from all around the world in any language.


Be in charge of your Inbox and snooze any messages that can wait - leaving you to focus on the new messages that need to be dealt with right away. The snoozed message will arrive at the specified time, showing another notification, so you can properly focus on it.

Snooze email
Watch for reply

Watch for Reply

Don’t miss a thing! Watch for reply allows you to get an extra notification when a much-awaited response arrives. It also has the options to set a custom reminder for messages that are on a time limit - if a message needs a response within few days or even hours, you can set Watch for Reply to let you know when you need to send the remind message and follow up with the original contact.

Instant push notifications

Get instantly notified of new emails on your device, with eM Client’s secure Push notifications. Control which accounts get this feature to be notified of the most important ones.

Learn more about Push notifications.

Push notifications

Undo Send

Did you send a message too soon or made a small mistake in the message text or even recipient emails? eM Client allows you to undo send easily on your iPhone or Android device, so you can finish your message and send it again - with no mistakes and to the right place.

Undo send
Email tracking

Anti mail tracking

Protect your privacy and automatically block all mail tracking pixels and beacons in your messages with eM Client. You deserve to read your messages without letting the senders know about your activity or any personal details.

Learn more about Mail tracking.

Unified folders

Easily stay on top of all your new messages from numerous accounts thanks to the All Inboxes folder! The Favorites feature from desktop apps is not missing in the mobile version, so you can easily use all folders globally across your accounts, not just all inboxes, but other special folders too.

Unified folders
Email tracking

Calendar, tasks, contacts and notes coming soon

eM Client for Android and iOS currently only contains emailing features for now, but of course Calendar, Contacts and more are coming soon!

Other great features


Conversations support

Group your messages into relevant threads to easily read all messages.

Quick text

Quick text

Predefine text snippets to easily insert into your messages.

Templates and Signatures

Templates and signatures

Use creative or professional signatures and templates in your email to personalize your messages.



Mark your messages with custom local email tags or synchronized Exchange categories or Gmail labels.

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Available for: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android