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Feb 2024 14

Best email clients in 2024: For Windows and Mac

Choosing the right email client is crucial because it affects how you handle your emails every day. Whether you're talking to friends or organizing work projects, the email client you pick can make your life easier or more complicated. There are many options out there, each with different features.

Feb 2024 14

10 best productivity apps for Windows in 2024

With so many options available at your disposal, choosing the right tool can be a daunting task. To help you narrow down the selection, we have listed the ten best productivity apps for Windows that will assist in meeting your requirements.

Feb 2024 6

12 Best Free & Paid Android Email Apps You Must Try Out in 2024

Different people have varying needs, so there can’t be a single best email app for everyone. That is why, in this guide, we will walk you through a list of the top 12 android email apps and show you what they do the best so you know each of their strengths and can make a choice accordingly.

Feb 2024 6

Looking for an alternative to MS Outlook email client?

You don’t have to stick with Microsoft’s Outlook email offering. There are a number of different options available offering an alternative to the proverbially incumbent MS outlook email client.

Feb 2024 6

Top 11 Email Management Apps for Windows PCs

eM Client is one of the best email apps for Windows 10 with an easy-to-use interface. The eM Client app helps you manage emails, calendars, contacts, and other tasks.

Dec 2023 30

Top 13 Best Email Clients for Mac in 2024

There are a great number of email clients for Mac users to choose from. But which ones are the best? More importantly, which ones are the best for you?
To give you the best options on email clients for macOS. I have analyzed and tested multiple best email app for mac and shortlisted top 13 email clients to give you best use-case, usability and experience.

Dec 2023 29

Best Free Email Client 2023

This article is all about best free email clients and how they can help you be more productive. We also talk about Clean Email, an easy-to-use email cleaner compatible with virtually all major email services. But before we go over the best email clients for 2023, we believe that we should first explain what advantages email clients have over web-based interfaces of various email services.

Dec 2023 21

eM Client vs Mailbird

We deal with an unprecedented torrent of email every day, and many people are stuck with an ever-increasing ‘Unread’ count. A good desktop email client such as Mailbird and eM Client can solve this problem by bringing all your email together into one simple interface – but out of all the choices out there, what’s best for you?

Dec 2023 18

eM Client Review

eM Client is a well-designed email client that makes setup and usage a breeze. Multiple email accounts from a range of providers can be configured automatically, and calendars and task management are integrated right alongside your inbox. The Pro version also provides unlimited automatic translations of emails from a wide range of languages to and from your native tongue.

Dec 2023 18

eM Client vs. Thunderbird

eM Client and Thunderbird: Both of these apps are great—but how do they stack up against each other?

Dec 2023 14

Best Email Client for Windows 10 and 11

Let’s face it: web-based email clients leave a lot to be desired in terms of features and performance, even if you keep them organized using Clean Email or some other similar tool. If you have multiple email accounts and receive dozens of emails every single day, you need nothing less than the best email client for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Dec 2023 13

11 Top Outlook Alternatives to Try

We expect a lot from our email clients these days. It’s not enough to just compose, send, and receive emails. The best email clients help us organize our inboxes, manage our schedules, keep track of contacts, and more. They also integrate with our other tools, like video conferencing apps. But [what] it the best email client out there?

Dec 2023 7

The best productivity apps for Windows in 2024

If you're working in Windows, you'll want productivity apps that were purpose-built for the operating system. So based on dozens of hours of testing from the Zapier team, and my own insights from using these tools, these are the best Windows productivity apps.

Nov 2023 30

Best Desktop Apps for Gmail on MacOS and Windows

So, you love your Gmail account– but you’re not a huge fan of having browser tabs dedicated to running it. Or maybe you love your Gmail so much you have four separate accounts, and the number of tabs you have open is becoming difficult to manage! The answer to both these issues? A desktop app dedicated to running your Gmail accounts for you, as well as offering a way to check all your other email platforms. Maybe you can even integrate a few other apps in there, too!

Nov 2023 27

12 alternatives for Outlook you should consider

With so many different email services to choose from, finding alternatives for Outlook is not an easy feat. Check out our reviews to speed up the process.

Nov 2023 21

13 Best Email Clients for Windows in 2024

If you’re a Windows user looking for the best email clients on the market—you’re in the right place. However, the definition of best email client for Windows differs from person to person according to their needs.
That’s why, in this guide, we will discuss some of the best email clients and what they do the best, so you can choose “your best” email client that’ll work best for you.

Nov 2023 19

9 Best Email Clients For Mac & Windows

The average professional spends 27% of their workweek managing email. That’s just over a quarter of their working time wasted. If you could cut that time by half you’d increase your productivity by almost 15%.The good news? The right email client can help you save time, be more productive, which could translate to better job performance, raises, and promotions.

Nov 2023 17

Make Your Email Management Super Productive with eM Client

A chaotic inbox is an indication of an inefficient business. If you haven’t optimized your emails, you’re losing much more than your time. So, choosing a smart email client is vital for your business. This article will introduce you to one such solution: eM Client.

Nov 2023 14

Free email clients listed and compared

Email clients are software tools you use to access, manage, and send emails. You can manage multiple email accounts from one client, even if they come from different email providers. All email providers use common protocols, so you must not be on a specific app to access your account. For example, you can use a single client to manage a Gmail account, Yahoo Mail account, and Outlook account simultaneously.
We researched and extensively tested many email clients to show you the best free ones.

Nov 2023 13

The 10 Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

The 10 Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives include renowned email management tools that offer comprehensive functionality, improved interface, and advanced features like Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Spike, Zoho Mail, ProtonMail, Yahoo Mail, eM Client, Mailbird, and Postbox.

Oct 2023 31

Best Free Email Programs for Windows 10 and 11

Because there are so many email clients out there, choosing the best application can feel overwhelming. Luckily for you, we're here to help you identify what features to look for in mail programs so you can select the best option based on your needs.

Oct 2023 26

eM Client Review: Your last email app for everyday life

Managing your personal life shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. Having a great email client makes a world of difference to keep track of your hectic life. There’re thousands of mail clients on the market each offering something a little different – save time and energy by using eM Client.

Oct 2023 6

The Evolution of Email Clients for Mac: Finding the Perfect Match

In the realm of digital communication, Mac users have always been at the forefront, seeking tools that combine aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Email, being a cornerstone of both personal and professional communication, is no exception. While Apple Mail has been the default choice for many, the ever-evolving needs of users have paved the way for a plethora of alternatives. Let’s dive into the world of email clients for Mac and explore what makes some stand out in this crowded landscape.

Sep 2023 21

10 Best Email Apps for Windows 10 in 2023

In this article, we will explore the 10 Best Email Apps for Windows 10 in 2023 that offer unique features and enhance your email experience. Windows 10 comes with its built-in email app, but if you are looking for more functionality, customization, or integration with other platforms, some great alternatives are available.

Sep 2023 15

Best 7 Email Filters for Windows – Streamline Your Inbox and Boost Productivity!

In today’s digital age, email has become an essential tool for communication and collaboration. However, with the ever-increasing volume of emails flooding our inboxes, it can be challenging to stay organized and ensure that important messages don’t get lost in the noise. That’s where email filters come in. These powerful applications can help streamline your inbox, automate repetitive tasks, and boost your overall productivity. In this blog post, we will explore the best seven email filters for Windows and discuss their features, pros, and cons.

Sep 2023 13

7 Best Email Clients for Windows – A Curated List

Email remains a cornerstone of digital communication, and having a robust email client for your Windows desktop can significantly enhance your productivity. The global e-mail marketing market is expected to reach 17.9 billion by 2027. In this blog, we’ll explore the top email clients for Windows in 2023, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you require customization, simplicity, or integration with specific services, we’ve got you covered.

Sep 2023 1

7 Best Email Clients for Windows 11

Email clients or apps and Webmail offer access to deal with books, chat functions, and email, on a bigger scale and with the additional benefit of enhanced encryption and better security.

Sep 2023 1

Best Email Clients in September 2023

An average person checks emails 15 times a day, and the frequency keeps on increasing as work from home becomes a norm. Sending out countless emails and receiving them simultaneously is usual in a professional setting. Setting up multiple filters, rules, and signatures can be daunting. Managing multiple email accounts is hectic in a browser. You can try email clients, making it incredibly easy to handle emails and collaborate with teams as the primary mode of communication.

Sep 2023 1

Best email client of 2023

The best email clients make it simple and easy for you to manage your emails from work or home, on your desktop or mobile device.

Aug 2023 29

eM Client Review 2023: Is it Safe to Use & Worth It?

eM Client is a well-designed email client available for Windows and Mac that makes setup and usage a breeze. Multiple email accounts from various providers can be configured automatically, and calendars and task management are integrated right alongside your inbox.

Aug 2023 4

Best Email Apps For Managing Multiple Accounts in 2023

Managing multiple email accounts has become a common practice in today’s digital age. Whether you have a work email, a personal email, or several different E-accounts for other purposes, keeping track of all your emails and staying organized can be challenging. This brings us to the question of how to manage multiple email accounts effectively, which is where messaging apps come in handy.

Jul 2023 29


Outlook for Mac is a popular email client used by many professionals and businesses. With its robust features, it is no surprise that it is also one of the most expensive options out there. Fortunately, there are many free alternatives to Outlook for Mac that offer similar features and functionality without the high price tag.

Jul 2023 24

Best Email Client for Windows 11 [Out of 15 Tested]

Choosing the best Email client for Windows 11 could be daunting for some users, especially if they don’t know what they should look for in this type of software. The goal of today’s article is to fill that information gap and provide you with a tried and tested list of some of the best software options of this type found on the market.

Jul 2023 20

eM Client Review: Change How You Manage Your Email

Whether you are a busy professional, an avid member of the remote workforce, or simply looking to take control of your overflowing email inbox, eM Client is the perfect all-in-one solution that is zero-stress from the first click. I had the opportunity to test eM Client on my Mac, leveraging its robust platform tools to enable new levels of customization, convenience, security, and productivity. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, and I believe I have found the perfect email client to balance my personal and professional life.

Jul 2023 11

The 7 best email clients for Windows in 2023

Email clients may seem as dated as a flip phone, but they're actually a great way to manage your email. If you're looking for ways to be a little more productive, a native Windows email app may be what you're after.

Jul 2023 3

The 13 Best Superhuman Email Client Alternatives

In today’s fast-paced digital world, managing emails effectively can feel like a superhuman task. As communication continues to evolve, so too should our tools, starting with our email client. While Superhuman has been hailed for its speed and efficiency in email management, it’s not the only player in the field.

Jun 2023 21


As Windows 11 gains popularity among users, it’s likely that you’re searching for a reliable email client to manage your inbox. An email client is a software application that’s installed on your computer and helps you to send, receive, and organize your emails. Choosing the right email client can improve your productivity and help you to manage your communication effectively.

Jun 2023 21

6 Great Superior Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook may be the most well-known email client, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s not an alternative out there that could serve you better!

Jun 2023 16

Best Email Clients for Windows 10 & 11: 10 Free & Paid Apps Compared

For all those in the market for the best mail apps, you need to read this first. You should know the difference between an email provider and an email client. This article will be mostly about the best email client for Windows 10 and 11, though you will learn a bit about email apps in general as well. Of course, we won’t neglect MacOS or Linux; they just won’t be prioritized here.

Jun 2023 14

8 Best Email Client for Windows 10 [2023 Updated List]

There are many email clients with great intuitive features on the market that you can use. The best of them should at least be simple, straightforward email managers and editors. You can also use more advanced clients with integrated data protection and unique features, as shown in this guide.

Jun 2023 13

Best Yahoo Mail Alternatives 2023: find the perfect email provider

The best Yahoo Mail alternatives is just one of the many options available when it comes to email software. There are several options that compete with each other and offer different features and ways to use them. When looking for alternatives to Yahoo! Mail, it’s important to think about things like user interface and email handling.

Jun 2023 9

These Are the Best Desktop Apps for Gmail

You’ll find several desktop clients out there for Windows and macOS that are designed with Gmail in mind, as well as others that are just generally very good at managing emails from any provider. Making use of one of them doesn’t mean you’re abandoning the web interface for Gmail, by the way—it’ll still be there if you need to go back to it.

Apr 2023 21

Top 12 Best Email Clients For Windows 10 & 11 on PC/Laptop

This software will allow you to access emails from anywhere in the world. Let’s talk about the benefits of Email Clients; you can use these Email Clients with or without internet access, which means you can run them if you don’t even have an internet facility.

Apr 2023 19

Top 10+ Email Clients for Windows 11 or 10 – Free and Paid Apps

Your search for the best email clients ends here. Below is the list containing the top ten such tools and mail client apps ranging from both free (open source) and paid ones.

Apr 2023 4

Forget the browser, start using eM Client

There are a lot of email client, each with its own strengths and weaknesses; it certainly is among the best email clients eM Client available for Windows and macOS (and soon also on Android and iOS), but why should you prefer it to others? Let’s try to understand why eM Client should become your new email management software.

Mar 2023 27

eM Client: Is It the Best Email Management Software?

Emails play a vital role in business communication. However, there is more to email than just typing and sending a message. It also involves crafting proper responses, keeping tabs on important messages, and not to mention, sifting through a lot of email spam. As an entrepreneur sending and receiving a large number of emails a day, how do you maintain optimum communication and better email management?

Mar 2023 24

Create Outlook or Hotmail email account

If we don't want to use the Outlook web or app, we can also access our account through various email clients provided by third parties that offer compatibility with Microsoft accounts. Using third-party applications is the best option when we need to access the email history to respond or perform searches and we know that we are not going to have an internet connection. Once we have answered the emails, as we connect to an internet signal, all the emails will be automatically sent and, if we have received any new ones, it will be downloaded to the device.

Feb 2023 2

How to Add Different Signatures for Each Email Account in eM Client

Signatures give your emails a professional look, while also mentioning your personal details in the email. You'd want to add a different signature for each account if you have multiple email accounts for different jobs or businesses.

Dec 2022 27

7 Best Email Client Software for Windows 7 That Still Works

Unlike its predecessors, Vista and XP, Windows 7 does not have a built-in email client. Instead, you will need to download one best email client programs. This guide will help you find the very best mail app for Windows 7.

Dec 2022 02

Top 12 Best Email Clients For Windows 10 on PC/Laptop

If you want to Download the Best Email Clients For Windows 10, then you are in the right place to know the Top Email Client on Windows.

Nov 2022 18

eM Client: The Revolutionary Fully-Featured Email Client for Windows and macOS

eM Client has grown to become one of the leading productivity tools used by businesses and professionals across industries in different parts of the world. The exciting features and functionalities of the software product has made it an “extraordinary Outlook replacement,” with millions of people from all walks of life enjoying its benefits.

Nov 2022 8

Choosing the Best Email Client Software

Many of us have multiple email accounts that we regularly check for new messages. Managing them can become time-consuming, especially if you have to log into each of them separately. Using an email client can streamline this process by allowing you to access all of your accounts in one place, without repeatedly entering login information.
This article will discuss what an email client is, what to consider when choosing one, and provide examples of some popular options.

Nov 2022 7

eM Client Review: Much more than an email client

In this review we talk about eM Client, a great email client alternative to those pre-installed in many operating systems which (let’s face it) are a bit crude at times and do not have very advanced features. Here are the details!

Oct 2022 24

7 Best Email Apps for Windows 11 [2022]

Emails are one of the most important things in our digital life and we check emails quite often. While there are many email providers including the popular ones like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, there are also third-party hosted email services. Similarly, there are many third-party apps for checking emails on your laptop or desktop. While all the email services have a web interface to check emails, you might also want to have a look at some of the email clients to have a better experience. In this article, we will have a look at the best email apps for Windows 11 which are free and paid.

Sep 2022 15

The 4 Best Email Clients for Windows 11

Here are the best clients for checking and sending emails on Windows 11.

Sep 2022 1

eM Client review - A fitting email client for desktop users

eM Client(opens in new tab) was developed in 2006 as a user-friendly alternative to popular email clients(opens in new tab) like Gmail and Outlook. It was created by an eponymous company based in the Czech Republic, with additional offices in the U.S. and the U.K.

Aug 2022 26

7 Best Free Email Clients. Updated in 2022

These days, there’s no shortage of powerful free email client software applications for all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Below are seven of our favorite email clients, each offering its own unique set of features and capabilities.

Aug 2022 2

Salesforce for Outlook is Being Retired: Alternatives and Replacements

The world has moved on, and we are prepared to acknowledge that Outlook has its shortcomings. The password recovery process is convoluted, calendar overload is common and task management features are practically non-existent. In short, there are other viable alternatives out there. Here are eight popular Outlook alternatives.

Jul 2022 14

eM Client A Corporate Level Powerhouse

eM Client counters the most common complaint about Microsoft Outlook, like most of its products, is the amount of bloatware it contains. If you are a small to medium-sized business, then eM Client would be the answer to your prayers. It is a jam-packed feature-full alternative to Outlook — and then some.

Jul 2022 11

10 alternatives à Outlook pour gérer ses mails

Avez-vous déjà envisagé une alternative à Outlook ? La messagerie de Microsoft reste populaire, et pour cause ! Intégrée par défaut à la plupart des ordinateurs, elle est donc naturellement adoptée par les utilisateurs.
Cependant, Outlook présente certaines limites, comme un processus de récupération de mot de passe complexe ou des fonctions de gestion des tâches insuffisantes, surtout pour les professionnels.

Jul 2022 9

Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In 2022

What are the Best Email Desktop Apps? The answer to this question will depend on what you consider the most important features to have in your desktop email app, but these are all apps that should be considered. In no particular order, let’s take a look at the different choices available and why they might be worth your time and money.

Jun 2022 9

5 Great Email Desktop Apps for reading and replying to email

As antiquated as this mode of correspondence might feel, there is still a place for email in this day and age, presumably cemented by official workflow. I mean, we really don’t want to be talking to our bosses on WhatsApp and Telegram for official business, do we?
There are tons of Desktop Email client apps and these are some of the best ones that we’d recommend.

May 2022 31

Best secure communication software: our top picks

Secure communication today is one of the most important components of any online and cloud activity. So take a look at the detailed list of the best secure communication software and solutions providers, and take your pick.

May 2022 18

7 Awesome Email Clients With Calendar for PC and Mac

Email clients help prioritize priority email that saves you time and boosts productivity. Privacy-focused email clients with a calendar can offer the benefit of privacy while offering the same productiveness. There is an email client for every user, free and paid, be it a working professional or a student.

May 2022 17

Best email app for Macs

Apple Mail is good, but there are some great alternatives available. Here's our selection of the best free and paid email clients for Mac.

May 2022 16

Considering Changing Your Mail App?

Email communication is an integral part of our daily work lives – whether you run your own business or are an employee, you probably send and receive countless emails every day, sometimes via different accounts. Despite chat, messengers, SMS and other communication tools being more popular in our personal lives, email is still holding its own, seeing as it can work cross-platform no matter what email service you use or which email app you have.

May 2022 15

7 Best Email Clients for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has a default email client, but some users want more control over how their email looks, feels, and works. This gives you more customization options so you can tailor it exactly to your needs. However, if you still want to take advantage of the features of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, you need a compatible email client.

May 2022 9

Learn how to manage better all your email accounts

Communication is an essential part of running a business. Keeping in touch with collaborators and clients and staying up to date on the latest details is your core responsibility. Email is a part of everyone’s life. And most of us have multiple email accounts that separate our private and office life. This is an efficient way to stay on top of the emailing flow and not mix up things. But, at the same time, this strategy can become hard to handle.
If managing a single account is difficult, what about handling three or four? As great the strategy of having various email accounts for different purposes as demanding to cope with them. Thus, reaching for email management software might be the best solution to tidy up your email accounts. Let’s point out some email productivity tools that can considerably improve your workflow and ease your life.

May 2022 4

12 Best Email Client For Windows 10 [Updated List For 2022]

Emails are most commonly used for professional communications, as they have made formal communications much more accessible and simplified. Without using mails, communication inside and outside organizations will become quite challenging, as a secure medium for data transmission is required for such communications. Various email clients allow users and enterprises to establish secure communication. In this article, we will discuss some top email clients for Windows 10 and will even summarize their features.

Apr 2022 6

11 Best Thunderbird Alternatives That Make Email Easier

In this post, we are going to talk about Thunderbird alternatives and why do you need a good thunderbird alternative, and more.

Apr 2022 6

8 Best Email Clients For Windows 10 and 11 in 2022

I've handpicked the best email clients for Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer for you in this article. Here's our list of the top best email clients.

Mar 2022 24

Take your collaboration to the next level with all-new Webex Integrations and Embedded Apps

eM Client is a desktop email client for Windows and macOS with an easy-to-use interface. Their new integration allows users to manage Webex meetings directly from within the interface. From scheduling to inviting to joining, eM Client is pushing the boundaries of meeting collaboration by allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere in a matter of just two clicks.

Mar 2022 21

مراجعة برنامج eM Client الأفضل لإدارة البريد الإلكتروني | eM Client review

At the present time, it is no longer possible to dispense with e-mail in any way, and whether you use it for personal matters or to send and receive work-related messages, it is certain that you will have difficulty managing messages, especially with the large number and the presence of spam messages and annoying advertising messages, but fortunately There are many very excellent email management programs available, including the eM Client that helps you organize your mail with ease, and today we have a comprehensive review about this program where we explain to you below how to use it and its most important features.

Mar 2022 2

eM Client announces general release of Version 9

eM Client, a fully-featured email client for Windows and macOS with a clean and easy-to-use interface, has announced a launch of version 9 of the software. eM Client is a best-in-class solution for anyone seeking a modern and feature-rich email assistant. What sets it apart from other applications is the focus on compatibility and security while giving users vast customisation options.

Mar 2022 1

Mail Me with Your eM Client

eM Client, with its now Windows 11 ready interface (rounded corners and all) has been on the software scene for years, providing businesses and home users alike with a customizable email client solution. These days, lots of home users have their email accounts set up on free email service providers and they use em Client with IMAP accounts.

Feb 2022 24

eM Client Launches Next-generation Email Client Software

eM Client, the software developer of a fully featured email client for Windows and macOS with a clean and easy-to-use interface, announces its Version 9 email program will upstage Microsoft Outlook. This popular email client offers a best-in-class solution for anyone who seeks a modern and feature-rich email program. What sets eM Client apart from other applications is the focus on compatibility and security while giving users vast customization options.

Feb 2022 2

Outlook: free and fee-based alternatives compared

Many users choose Outlook as their email client and PIM (Personal Information Manager). As a component of the Microsoft Office suite, it is often a standard solution (in connection with the Microsoft Exchange Server) for businesses. Many freelancers and small companies cannot afford solutions intended for large businesses, but there are numerous email management programs besides Outlook that are available for free.

Dec 2021 23

6 Best Email Clients for Windows 10 in 2022

This whole COVID-19 pandemic hit us all quite hard and one of the things that we all had to deal with a lot were emails! If you are a student, have a small business, or a corporation, you will know the importance of emails that is why you need the best email clients. So here are the 6 best email clients for Windows 10 in 2022:

Dec 2021 22

10 Best Email Clients For Windows 10 in 2022

In this article, we will discuss some of the best email clients for Windows 10. The great thing about these email clients is that users don’t need to pay anything for using them.

Dec 2021 15

Best Email Apps for Windows 10 in 2022

The flow of email headed your way never abates, and you need a robust and easy-to-use Windows 10 app to help you manage it all. The Mail app that comes with Windows 10 is more than enough for a lot of people, but there are hundreds of other email apps vying for your attention. If you've recently moved to a work from home situation, having a proper email app is no doubt more important than ever. To help you decide which is best suited for you, we rounded up a bunch of the best out there that work with Windows 10.

Dec 2021 7

5 Top Alternatives to Outlook for Business

If you’ve been looking into email services for your business, you might have come across Microsoft’s Outlook. It’s the most popular choice for business emails. However, in the same way not all hosting plans are fit for every business, not all businesses require the same, expensive email service.
If you’re wondering what exactly Outlook is, how it works, and which Outlook alternative would be better for you, then look no further.

Sep 2021 1

The 9 Best Alternatives to Thunderbird Mail

If you've been using Thunderbird Mail but found that it's not quite right for you, here are nine of the best alternatives you can try instead.

Oct 2021 21

Best Email Apps For Windows 11

E-mailing or Electronic Mailing is one of the most favorable channels of formal communication. An e-mail directly connotates formal and impersonal conversations. E-mailing is not that much of a personal manner to chat, given the numerous platforms and applications available for the purpose. But, sometimes, it can be a personal choice. If you’re formally involved with people, then, chances are that most if not all of the communication are taking place over e-mails.

Oct 2021 20

12 Best Email Clients for Windows 10 You Should Use in 2021

The key to enhancing productivity is managing tasks smartly and efficiently. An email client can play a vital role in not just letting you manage the ever-loading inbox and keep the clutter at bay but also plan your event, take control of your tasks and chat with friends right from one spot. So, if you think that your existing email app lacks versatility and the features required to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously, explore this extensive roundup of the best email clients for Windows 10, which can keep you fast-paced in 2021.

Sep 2021 29

5 best lightweight email clients for low-end Windows 10 PCs

No matter if you own a business or not, having a good email client can change the overall efficiency of the provided services.
In this article, we will explore some of the best email clients existing on the market, that barely influence the processor of your PC, while still offering you a great range of features.

Sep 2021 13

Make Your Email Management Super Productive with eM Client

A chaotic inbox is an indication of an inefficient business. If you haven’t optimized your emails, you’re losing much more than your time. So, choosing a smart email client is vital for your business. This article will introduce you to one such solution: eM Client.

Jul 2021 6

Best email app for Macs 2021

Apple Mail is good, but there are some great alternatives available. Here's our selection of the best free and paid email clients for Mac.

Jun 2021 25

The 5 Best Free Email Clients for Your Desktop PC

Not happy with your current email app? These free email clients for PC are the best ones available right now.

Jun 2021 15

The Best Third-Party Apps to Make Your Gmail Much Better

With over 1.4 billion users worldwide, Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular email services. You might not know that you don’t have to access your email account through the Gmail website or the native mail apps for Windows or Mac. Instead, you can use one of the many third-party apps, some of which have been designed exclusively for use with Gmail. Here are our favorite Gmail clients for both Windows and Mac.

May 2021 31

Integrations and communications using the good old email with eM Client

You can communicate with other people using all sorts of options, like WhatsApp, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…), Skype, Zoom, Slack. But the good old email still has its place and eM Client will help companies take the most out of the tool.

Apr 2021 29

The best email alternative to Outlook for PC? The eM Client review

If you like your apps “just so,” carefully crafted to optimize your workflows, with the tools you need at hand (and nothing else), then eM Client is your best choice.

Dec 2020 29

12 Best Email Clients For Windows 10 PC In 2021 (Free & Paid)

While shortlisting the best email client for Windows 10, it is important that you pay close attention to the productivity-boosting features that it claims to provide.
To help you decide which is right for you, we made a comprehensive list of the best Windows email clients 2021 has to offer.

Dec 2020 17

eM Client Review | Here’s How It Stacks Up

eM Client is an excellent email client in my opinion, and definitely worth checking out. I don’t know if they should really be saying they are objectively “the best” email client, but they are definitely one of the best.

Nov 2020 9

eM Client: Best email client for Windows and MacOs?

Its multi-functionality, user-friendliness, and overall finish definitely place eM Client to the top tier of email clients.

Oct 2020 20

Test: eM Client 8 Pro – desktop mail program

eM Client 8 Pro combines easy operation with a wide range of functions. In the test with eight e-mail accounts, two calendars and over 1000 contacts, the desktop e-mail program convinced and did not show any weaknesses.

Oct 2020 15

Alternatives to Outlook: Declutter your inbox + get replies faster

eM Client keeps your inbox clean while still providing you with functionality and features that rival some of the big names. It has a built-in calendar, tasks, and chat—and it all comes for free.

Aug 2020 27

35+ Best Free Utilities for your Computer

With hundreds of free utilities on the market, it can be difficult choosing the right one. Luckily for you, we have done our research and selected the best free utilities in over 30 categories.

Aug 2020 14

eM Client Version 8.0 Unveiled for Simple and Secure Communication

The completely redesigned eM Client version 8.0 Pro provides easy-to-set-up message encryption, full support for local as well as server-side notes, improved tag support and extended search and filter functions for email attachments, among other things.

Jul 2020 20

eM Client 8: Now with New Gestures & Cloud Storage Support

While eM Client already had some awesome features including chat integration, unified mailbox management from multiple accounts and support for various third-party platforms, eM Client 8 has come with even better features, including support for new gestures and cloud storage, with the utility to open multiple instances of your mail client.

Jul 2020 7

Full Review Of EM Client 8 Email Management Application

eM Client 8 is much more than just an email client app. Its simple user interface and unique features give you a single platform for managing your emails, communication, and integrating other tasks and functionalities seamlessly.

Jun 2020 29

eM Client review: New Features & Comparison [2020 Edition]

The latest version of eM Client offers a new interface and all the features that made the application great in the first place. Features such as notes, ability to watch for replays and the snooze feature are welcome additions that will surely come in handy. If you’re looking for a powerful email client with a wide array of features, you might want to try out the new version of eM Client.

Jun 2020 26

eM Client 8 lands with a UI redesign and new features for the cross-platform email client

With the release of eM Client 8, the desktop email client for macOS and Windows gets a visual overhaul in addition to a batch of new features. But em Client is about more than just email; there's also a calendar component, chat and notes.

Jun 2020 26

eM Client 8 now available, featuring a complete redesign, multi-instance support, and more

The latest version of the eM Client for email accounts has released, bringing a complete redesign to every part of the UI alongside new features such as notes, reply watching, email "snoozing," and more.

May 2020 6

eM Client: Best Email Client with Support for Chats & Task Management

You can use eM Client as a viable alternative for not only premium mail clients but also other collaboration platforms to easily integrate all your content within a unified interface, with support for your agendas, tasks, calendars and chat client. eM Client is an all-in-one communication hub and a great alternative if you need to communicate with your teamwork and collaborators by chat or email.

Apr 2020 25

eM Client: Organize Emails, Tasks and Chat Live in a Unified Interface

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone who needs to manage multiple email accounts from different services, it can be hard to get them all organized in a single mail client. Conventional mail clients such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird despite being commonly used, aren’t the best for a unified interface which is practical enough to unclutter your multiple mail accounts. eM Client changes all that with seamless integration of your multiple email accounts, providing support for your calendars, tasks, contacts and chat.

Mar 2020 10

Best Secure Email Services Reviews

When it comes to security, eM Client provides a thorough spam filter as well as phishing protection and lets you easily send encrypted messages through S/MIME and OpenPGP. However, eM Client shines the most when it comes to the email features it offers. It's possible to have various emails working at the same time, delay sends, snooze your email, among other neat features that will make managing your inbox a breeze.

Mar 2020 9

Bargain Hunter: The best free email clients

eM Client has been around for nearly 10 years now, and throughout that long development has evolved into the best free email client for Windows. The app makes it easy to migrate your messages from Gmail, Exchange,niCloud and - just enter your email address and the client will choose the appropriate settings for you. eM Client can also import your contacts and calendar. It’s easy to deselect these options if you manage them separately. eM Client is also packed with options such as automatic translation, delayed sending and encryption. It’s a remarkable set of tools, and for managing two email accounts, it’s ideal.

Mar 2020 5

eM Client Review

eM Client is more than just an email client. With all the features it provides, you’ll be able to manage all your personal and professional tasks, direct message your friends, and more. When it comes to email management, there’s not much more you could ask for.