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Oct 2012 31

eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice

I downloaded the beta version of eM Client 5. Some of the notable things about version 5 beta is that eM Client reportedly has full support for Windows 8 and has also adopted the modern Windows 8 style theme; looking very clean and contemporary.

Oct 2012 30

Techie Review: eM Client 4 - Great and Improving

One of the biggest differences between Microsoft Outlook and eM Client is that if you are a big user of Google services you are going to absolutely love eM Client. Where Microsoft Outlook loves Microsoft services, like Microsoft exchange services, eM Client embraces the Google services.

Oct 2012 24

Modern Email Clients Need Tighter Integration With Instant Messaging

Now, there is an application called eM Client that achieves instant messaging and contact status in the email client. It’s about as close as you’re going to get to how Microsoft Outlook integrates contact status as well as managing emails. Over the years eM Client has been progressively getting better.