Wide support of technologies

eM Client Supports all major services and server vendors for business email and other communication technologies.

Great value for money

There is one time fee only.
The price is very competitive and our volume discounts are quite steep.

Product 1 License 3 Licenses 5 Licenses 10 Licenses 20 Licenses
eM Client LogoeM Client $49.95 $79.95 $109.95 $182.95 $312.95
MS Outlook LogoOutlook $109.95 $329.95 $549.95 $1099.95 $2199.95

Easy deployment and migration

Window deployment

Cloud-based settings

Thanks to the MSI package support, automatic setup with pre-defined scripts and server settings will be deployed from the cloud. No more individual installations.

UI easy to use

Intuitive UI

The user interface is simple and intuitive, no need for specific training for employees.

Data import

Import From Any App

Data import from other solutions is easy, straightforward and mostly automated.

Central configuration from a cloud

Our technology called Server settings allows you to deploy any settings from a cloud to all your installed clients.

Cascading windows
To set up company wide color theme
Restrict users to use only a company email or company chat on their machines
Text bubble
Provide centralized signatures, templates or Quick texts (reusable text snippets)
Locked envelope
Force all employees to send encrypted emails only
Smiling girl over PC
Set up accounts centrally from the cloud
Palette on a monitor
Customize client in any way company wide

VIP Support

UI easy to use

Our support department will help you with deployment, technical issues and everything else.

Data import

This includes comprehensive customer support with remote access as well.

Plenty of features for businesses

S/MIME and PGP encryption support
Folder access control
Vacation responder (out of office) integration
Advanced calendar scheduling
Integrated support for archiving and backup
Free / Busy view support
SMAPI support for automation (CRM systems etc.)

Contact our sales team

If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us