Support overview

eM Client support has different support tiers

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Support during your
free trial

If you have just installed eM Client and are still in your trial, we are happy to provide any advice or assistance at [email protected].

We're also happy to answer any general, license and pre-sales questions here, no matter what license you currently have.

Email us

Enterprise Online
Support Center

When you purchase any PRO license, Upgrade or Lifetime upgrades, you receive a 1-year VIP Support subscription. With this subscription you get access to the online support center, where you can send in your issue reports or questions and a support engineer will be assigned to assist you.

When the subscription runs out, you can extend it here.

Support center

License Manager

Our License manager interface allows you to upgrade, renew and administrate your license. You can also set up our Server settings technology, that allows you to configure your clients centrally. For more information see our License manager guide.

You need a business PRO license to access License manager.

If you lost your password, you can reset it here.

License Manager

Community forum

Community forum is available to all users, especially if you have a Free license, or your VIP Support subscription for your Pro license expired. You can describe your problems or questions in a public post and then users can provide advice to each other. You can also search in past posts to see if your specific problem was addressed or resolved already.

Our team monitors the forum to be able to react to issues experienced by users in large quantities, and while we might respond to get more details, not each post will get a dedicated response from our support technicians.

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Do I have to extend my support if I don't want to?

You don't need to subscribe when you don't feel like you need direct help from our team, but if that changes, you can purchase the subscription at any time and have it available again for another year, starting from the date of your purchase.

I have Lifetime upgrades but cannot log in the support page.

The subscription applies the same way to all licenses, so it can expire even for users with Lifetime Upgrades. When your Support subscription expires, it does not change the validity of your license, it will work the same way. You need to renew your subscription if you want to get access to the VIP Support.

I am unable to purchase to extend my subscription because my version is out of support.

While our licenses work indefinitely and never run out, older versions are discontinued after some time and if a specific version or service stops working, we would not be able to provide a fix, because the version is no longer in development.

Since we believe that finding out after the purchase that we cannot help would not be fair, we instead encourage you to upgrade to the newest version, where we can implement any needed fixes. Upgrade purchase automatically includes 1-year of support.

Why is the support included in each purchase, why can't I opt out?

When you get a license for a new device or upgrade to a new version, there can be some period of time when you're getting used to the new program. This is the time when our users reach out to the support the most, so we include the support extension so any questions and problems can be quickly resolved.

How can I find out if my VIP Support subscription is active?

You can check the expiration date for your support subscription in Menu > Help > License or Help > License section of the eM Client app.

If you have access to our License manager you can check the expiration date in the License tab.