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18 Jan 2023

Send and unsend emails like a Pro

Sending emails is easy, you just type your message up and hit the big Send button. But eM Client offers some advanced sending options you might enjoy. Let’s take a look, especially at the newcomers, Undo Send and Resend, introduced in eM Client 9, in more detail.

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Boost your Conversations with Thread view

20 Dec 2022

Keeping tabs on all your messages can be hard and if you talked about more topics with the same contact recently, things can get mixed up. That is why we introduced the Conversation feature a while ago – to put messages on the same subject with the same people in one easy-to-read thread. So what is the new Thread feature in eM Client 9? That’s what we’re here to explain today.


New and improved eM Client 9.1 reminders

27 Sep 2022

Many new features were introduced in eM Client 9 release and we sincerely hope you enjoy them. The launch of version 9.1 has brought additional improvements and in this article, we would like to explain the changes that have been introduced for your reminders and notifications.


Email Tracking pixel detection

6 Sep 2022

More and more of our lives are happening online and there are those who want to follow your every step to either sell you a product or worse, sell your data to other companies. eM Client’s doing its part when it comes to your emails being tracked by introducing the Email Tracking Pixel detection and options to block them.


eM Client's Quick filter

19 Jul 2022

eM Client provides a lot of great ways to go through your emails in an order that shows you the most important messages first, based purely on your preference, be it the received time, sender or specific tags. But sometimes you do not want to change default sorting but need an additional way to quickly list a specific type of item in your current folder. That’s where Quick Filter comes in handy!


How to create a professional email template in eM Client

16 Jun 2022

When you create an email, there are a lot of things to consider than just the text of your message – the visual style is something that most readers will notice first. And if you have your own business or brand, it becomes even more crucial that your message looks professional and keeps a consistent look which is something email templates can be used for.


Privacy protection in email communication

25 May 2022

The digital age is filled with dangers and with more and more of our lives taking place online, we need to stay protected – and that includes our communication via email. There are ways to protect your emails not just from external threats but even from the provider of your email service.