22 Mar 2024

eM Client for iOS and Android is officially here!

Exciting news! eM Client has reached new heights by expanding its compatibility, enabling users to access their preferred mail application on a broader range of devices – introducing the addition of iOS and Android apps alongside the familiar Windows and macOS versions!

eM Client for iOS and Android is officially here!

What makes eM Client special?

There are a lot of simple mail apps on both Android and iOS, and we never wanted eM Client to just be another one on the list, with nothing special to offer.

That is why we worked hard to keep the same technical core for the mobile apps as it is in the desktop versions. That way we could keep most of our features, which grew quite complex over the years of desktop development, in the mobile versions. This means that full support for all email services, technologies, and protocols from the desktop app is immediately available. And it seems to be appreciated, as the BETA version has already been adapted as their main mail app by tens of thousands of people on iOS and Android!

We also did our best to keep the mobile interface familiar for our current eM Client users, but also feel natural and easy to use on your phones and tablets.

What are some of the great features?

  • Super easy setup
  • Migration from the desktop app via QR code
  • Message encryption (PGP, S/MIME)
  • Instant translation
  • Snooze messages
  • Watch for Reply
  • Instant push notifications
  • Undo Send
  • Anti mail tracking detection
  • Unified folders for multi-account management

Price of the app

As stated in one of our BETA blogs, the mobile versions of eM Client are free for all users, no matter which desktop license you own, if you have one at all. There is no license or registration needed and all the available mail features are free to use.

Future of the app

eM Client for iOS and Android currently only contains email management features, but that is of course not where we plan to leave things off – Calendar, Contacts and other functionality, well-known from the Desktop version, are coming soon to the mobile versions as well, our team is already working on it.

Even though the BETA testing phase is over and we tried to make the apps as perfect as possible, we are also aware problems can still arise and things can always be improved – so we will appreciate any continued feedback from you.

Be it reporting issues to [email protected] or sharing your ideas for new features on our Sleekplan page, so we know what you want to see in future versions of eM Client.

How to install eM Client for iOS and Android?

If you haven’t installed eM Client for iOS and Android yet, go ahead and click the buttons below or search for eM Client in your Store app – with the Import via QR feature it will take just a few clicks to get all your settings from your desktop eM Client and bring your emails wherever you go.

If you are new to eM Client, our automatic account setup will get you sorted shortly as well, detecting the services and correct settings for all email accounts.