2 Jul 2024

eM Client: Changes coming to our licensing model

We’re always trying to bring something new and keep up with the times with the eM Client app, but something has stayed the same for many years - our license model. You have been requesting changes and more options over the years and we have listened.

We are adding a new license subscription option but don’t fret - nothing changes for those who already have a license and a one-time payment option will still be available.

New license model

What exactly changes about the license type?

Our Pro license changes into two new options - Personal and Business. The Personal license can be used with up to 3 devices and the Business license can be used for any number of devices your company or organization needs. Both of these options have all advanced “Pro features” available as compared to Free license.

We received a lot of complaints on the available number of devices for single users in the past, since 2 or 3 devices are quite common for personal use nowadays - so that is why we changed the default paid Personal license to already cover 3 devices.

The good news is that the price is not going up - with the new Personal license, you are effectively saving up to 66% compared to the previous cost if you use more than 1 device!

Why subscription?

Subscriptions have gradually become a standard and many people and companies prefer them - they can choose to use specific services at much lower price for a specified amount of time they need to use them. Subscription also makes it easier to step away if you no longer wish to use the program or need a break from it.

For organizations, small companies or even self-employed professionals, this makes expenses clearer and easier to file. With the subscription you always get access to the newest version and VIP Support is included!

eM Client is also no longer an isolated desktop software.

We use a couple of services that improve user experience (AI integration, translation, weather forecast, Gmail commercial API and more), but that also means ongoing costs for our company.
One-time fee model is hardly sustainable in the long term with these additional services.

This is why licenses purchased for the one-time price will not include the AI Add-on automatically, but it can be purchased separately if you want to make use of the AI writing features.

So eM Client is now perfectly customizable not only in its feature set but also in its payment plans!
Everyone should be able to pick the right model for their needs.

Current licenses and Lifetime Upgrades

Does the change in our license model make older licenses unusable? Of course not!

Nothing changes for existing users:
Your Pro licenses, with or without Lifetime Upgrades, will never expire.

Your Pro licenses will continue working the same way they always have; licenses for older versions will continue working with those versions and you can still upgrade to eM Client 10 and other major versions for a smaller fee, same as you did before.

Licenses with Lifetime Upgrades will get automatically upgraded for new major versions.

When are these changes taking place?

The switch will happen with the release of eM Client 10!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.