3 Jul 2024

eM Client 10 has been released!

eM Client 10 is finally here, and we would dare say it's the biggest upgrade we've ever released! Not only does eM Client 10 bring a huge load of new features, but it also comes with a modernized design and optimizations on all fronts.

We've been diligently working on all of these for over 2 years. We were inspired mainly by your feedback, which we collected from the user forum, your emails, VIP support and now also from Sleekplan, where you can vote on new features and changes.

In addition to the new features, we've also added new licensing options.

eM Client - Version 10 release

License changes

We are slightly changing our license model. Instead of a paid Pro license, we now offer Personal and Business licenses. Either license can be purchased as a subscription or for a one-time fee.

Or course, current Pro licenses will keep working and never expire - you can still upgrade to eM Client 10 with your existing Pro license. Licenses with Lifetime Upgrades will be valid for eM Client 10 and all future versions as before.

Read about why we changed the license model and other details in this blog post.

You can also learn more about current prices and license options on our Pricing page.

So what’s new in eM Client 10?

Key features

  • New initial and upgrade wizard

    Whether you’re installing eM Client for the first time or upgrading from an older version of eM Client, you’ll have a more user-friendly start from the get-go. The new wizard will allow you to choose which features will be enabled and which will be hidden, including an explanation of what they change in your app, so you can decide for specific settings for message layout, theme, conversation settings, categories, badges and AI features.

    The upgrade wizard also contains step to easily re-authorize accounts, making the onboarding process much smoother.

  • Generative AI integration

    Powered by ChatGPT, you can now generate your messages based on specific prompts or let eM Client help you write content-aware replies.

    The AI features can also provide message summaries, proofread your text, translate, change the tone of your message, or help you make your response shorter or longer, and much more.

    Look for the AI button in the message composer or an additional option for Reply/Reply All buttons.

    eM Client 10: AI Integration with ChatGPT

    To use AI features you will need a separate AI-Add-on or the new license subscription.

    If you purchase a version 10 upgrade for your Pro license before the end of July 2024
    you will get a 3-month subscription for the AI Features for free.
  • Customizable email classification into Inbox Categories

    eM Client now supports category tabs in your Inbox, so you can have the most important messages at the ready while the newsletters, social site updates, and other emails are categorized into separate sections for your convenience.

    There are several options: use just two categories (Primary and Other), Google style model (Primary, Promotions, Social, …), add or remove other options (All, Updates, Forums, Other, …), and mix and match based on your preference.

    For Gmail accounts, categories are synchronized from the server while eM Client uses its own algorithm to sort messages for other accounts.

    If the default categorization does not fit your preference, drag the message into a different category tab or change the category via right-click on the message > Category and assigning the right one for you! You can also merge different categories together, if you perhaps want to see your Social updates in your Primary inbox.

    eM Client 10: Change category

    Together with this option come Custom rules for category organization – when moving a message, it is possible to set any new messages from the same sender to go into the same category and you can also move all older messages into this category.

    Custom rules and all category settings can be modified or removed in menu > Settings > Mail > Categories section.

  • Full support for Chat collaboration services

    eM Client now directly supports Microsoft Teams, Slack, and IceWarp TeamChat. This is not a widget or browser add-on, but a complete integration of these services to our own user interface. The chat has been moved from the right sidebar into the left pane section, so you can have a better view of all your accounts, multi-chats and channels. The sidebar on the right can be used for chat threads.

  • Quick Actions

    Open the ‘Quick Actions’ window via the top toolbar and create macros for common task automation to execute several actions via a single shortcut or option in the toolbar.

    You can for example set steps such as creating a new email, forwarding or replying to the mail, instantly changing its properties to contain specific addresses in Cc fields, Reply-to address, signatures, templates, set importance or more. For managing existing messages you can add steps to snooze, assign flag, tag or move it to another folder, etc.
    Possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Search redesign and NOT and OR operators

    The Search bar is not only moved into a more convenient place in the middle, but it is also more powerful than before.

    Use the hyphen/minus symbol - in front of a searched term or keyword to specify you want your results without these terms.

      Example: You want to find messages from Google but NOT the ones concerning security alerts
      Search: google -alert

    If you want to specify that the word should not be in a specific part of the message you can combine the feature with keywords.

      Search: from: google subject:-alert

    Or you can even negate the whole section!

      Search: from:google -subject:alert

    To use OR, make sure to use the curly brackets {} and put your two conditions inside.

      Example: You want to find messages that are from Tom or include party in the subject.
      Search: {from:Tom subject:party}

    You can of course insert terms directly, but if you are already searching in the same “section” (like all text, or subject, etc,) then a comma already works as OR. The new option allows you to use OR among different details of the message.

  • Recent badges for new messages

    New unread messages will now be shown as separate, red counters, so you can recognize right away which mailbox has a new unread message instead of just how many unread messages are available in total.

Other great features and improvements

  • Conversations UI redesign

    The Conversation detail now has a cleaner look, making it easier to see where each message starts and ends and also show a useful message preview even in the collapsed form.

    eM Client 10: New Conversation Design
  • Change the Conversation order

    You asked for it and you got it – you can now switch the Conversation order in menu > Settings > Mail > Conversations and set newest messages on top in the message detail.

    The order can also be switched in the menu View > Conversations menu.

  • Conversations sync with Exchange

    Conversation threads are fully synchronized on Exchange accounts (via EWS protocol), so conversations look the same in webmail and on desktop, the same way it already works with Gmail Conversations.

  • Mentions

    Use the @ symbol in the message text and eM Client will offer a contact list from which you can easily add recipients to your composed message. This also makes it easy to point out who you're addressing in the specific part of your message.

  • Emoticons lookup

    You can easily lookup the right emoticon you want to use in your emails or chat message. Simply type a colon : and then without any space start typing the description/name of the emoticon you want to use.

    eM Client 10: Emoticon lookup
  • Data files

    Import your PST files as separate Data files that can be mounted (or unmounted) from your main database and even stored in different location. You can also move some of your messages into these separate files for archiving reasons or easy sharing.

  • Folder colors

    Set a specific color for each folder icon (or even the whole name) in the folder list. These colors can also be synchronized with MS Exchange, IceWarp and SOGo accounts; for Gmail and Google Workspace accounts label colors can be used.

  • Folder filter

    Easily search and filter folders in the left pane, just use the magnifying glass icon next to the section title (for example 'Mail'). This filter is available in Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and other sections of the app.

  • Preview for PDF attachments

    eM Client now contains a native PDF preview feature to allow you to check the contents of the file before fully opening it in your default PDF viewer; just hover over the file.

  • New synchronization options for IMAP

    Instead of only having the option to download messages for offline use or not, you can now set the scope for either message list data only, full messages with or without attachments, or opt for raw download of entire messages at once.

    Some of these options can resolve issues with slow download of messages and attachments on some services.

  • Overall UI and visual improvements

    The interface has been modernized, including the search field redesign and new polished icons.

  • Custom color for unread messages

    Themes can be set to have a specific background color for unread messages in the list, making them pop!

    The default themes already include different colors that you can use, but for custom themes you might need to use our Theme editor first.

  • Improved printing of contacts

    Contacts now have more options to print all details, including printing envelopes.

  • Redesigned Invites section in the sidebar

    The invites section has a much more compelling look and feel.

  • HTML Reply/Forward headers

    Customize the way your reply and forward headers look, now including HTML formatting elements.

  • Upload indicator

    A new icon indicates messages that are being uploaded/synchronized to the server.

  • Improved table editing

    Both tables created in eM Client and those copied from other apps are now easier to edit and work with.

  • Other Improvements

    This list is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of other improvements in version 10.

Get eM Client 10

Free users & Pro users with Lifetime upgrades
Pro users with eM Client 9 or older
Don’t have an eM Client license yet?

Warning: eM Client 10 will update your database so it is highly recommended to make a backup in case you’d like to switch back to eM Client 9 for any reason.

Use Menu > Backup to create a backup file.