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21 Feb 2024

Outlook as data collection and targeted ads service

Microsoft services are used by a lot of computer users on all platforms around the world - but the direction they are taking their services in the current day might take their security into question. We’d like to weigh in on the topic from the eM Client’s point of view as a creator of another email app.

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eM Client 10 BETA

7 Feb 2024

The work at eM Client never stops, and even as we continually improve versions of eM Client for iOS and Android, we have also been pouring our soul into the next desktop version: eM Client 10.


Mass Mail and how to hide recipients in your email

17 Jan 2024

There are many reasons why you might need to hide recipients when sending group messages - and eM Client is here to help you learn how to successfully send an email without disclosing your recipients.


Out of Office Messages with eM Client

13 Dec 2023

Worried about your work email while you’re away on vacation? Stay present during your time off and avoid your inbox by implementing out of office messages for your email account with eM Client.


eM Client Local Folders

8 Nov 2023

It’s difficult to decide which messages and information should be kept and which can be deleted - the potential issue of deleting something that you might need in the future is stressful. The option to move your important information to a local folder directly on your device was implemented to give you the choice to store files directly on your device.


Give your email a break with Snooze

25 Oct 2023

We send and receive hundreds of emails each day. Maintaining a clean inbox for your work and personal email can feel next to impossible. The snooze feature in eM Client Pro was created to help you manage your inbox and relieve the anxiety you might experience from having a packed inbox.


eM Client and SmarterMail team up for enhanced email experience

12 Oct 2023

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new cooperation between eM Client and SmarterMail! We have joined forces to offer a fresh, innovative email experience to all eM Client and SmarterMail users, and we’d love to tell you more about what exactly has changed.