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Keep everything in sync with server-side tags, rules, and signatures

29 Mar 2023

Are you coming to eM Client from webmail, or using other email apps in addition to eM Client? You will appreciate eM Client’s ability to synchronize labels, rules, and signatures with numerous email providers. If you use any of those features on eM Client, your preferences will be carried over to the server and downloaded on all of your apps that support the synchronization of these items and settings.


Inboxes and other special folders

16 Mar 2023

If you need to manage numerous email accounts, you are sure to appreciate eM Client’s unified inboxes, favorite, search, and tag folders. These special shortcuts allow you to browse emails based on their type and quickly access the default folders of your email accounts without having to scroll and look for the specific account or a folder to find that one message you were looking for.


Workaround for the sending issue via SMTP for Microsoft Outlook.com accounts

2 Mar 2023

At the beginning of February, Microsoft started having issues with their secure OAuth authentication for SMTP protocol used for sending emails in external apps. This has affected all eM Client users who set up their free Outlook.com email accounts, including emails with domains for outlook, hotmail, live, msn and other free Microsoft domains, as the eM Client app always uses the latest, most secure Authentication options available for given accounts.That unfortunately meant that eM Client couldn’t send email from Outlook and Hotmail accounts.


Come test the Beta version of eM Client for iOS and Android

16 Feb 2023

Usually, I don't write blog articles myself and leave them to my capable colleagues. Today I'm going to make an exception because I have some really exciting news for you. After a long time in development and a lot of work, the first mobile beta version of eM Client for iOS and Android is here. I am aware that this has been widely requested from you, the users, for a long time, and that's why it was, and still is, a huge priority for us.


Switching from Bing Translator to Lingvanex

15 Feb 2023

After utilizing Microsoft's Bing translator for many years, eM Client has decided to move beyond and use a new translation service. We've been using it for the past year in all current versions and we are now assured that this translation solution is a better fit, so the time has come to let Bing go and discontinue this service.


Offload your thoughts with notes for email

14 Feb 2023

If you were looking for an email app that would allow you to add notes to email messages, your search might be finally over! Sure, you could use a separate note-taking app, or you can use tags and folders to sort emails and get back to them later, but all those solutions aren’t ideal and we wanted to give our users a proper way to add notes to emails.


Send and unsend emails like a Pro

18 Jan 2023

Sending emails is easy, you just type your message up and hit the big Send button. But eM Client offers some advanced sending options you might enjoy. Let’s take a look, especially at the newcomers, Undo Send and Resend, introduced in eM Client 9, in more detail.


Seamless email experience with eM Client and Imageway

4 Jan 2023

At eM Client, we sometimes get asked which email service we’d recommend, when users experience trouble with their past provider or want to find one that will synchronize more than just emails, but also contacts, calendars and other items. Today we’d like to introduce one such email service provider – Imageway!


Boost your Conversations with Thread view

20 Dec 2022

Keeping tabs on all your messages can be hard and if you talked about more topics with the same contact recently, things can get mixed up. That is why we introduced the Conversation feature a while ago – to put messages on the same subject with the same people in one easy-to-read thread. So what is the new Thread feature in eM Client 9? That’s what we’re here to explain today.