Clear Inbox Gmail

How to clear Gmail inbox in webmail?

First, it’s important to decide what kind of clean up are you going for. Getting rid of spam or organizing messages? Or do you simply want to keep only the relevant and most recent messages in your inbox - Gmail can efficiently find all the messages that are spam and that slipped through the server’s spam filter. You can search by label, by the sender, or by keywords. Then you just eliminate the messages that are not needed anymore or that weren’t ever needed in the first place.

The same result but with less manual work can be achieved with Gmail filters, you just configure the filter once and then let it do its job.

How to clear Gmail inbox in eM Client?

If you are using Gmail with eM Client and your Inbox is overflowing, you might be looking for a way how to clear Inbox in Gmail account. Here are some methods of doing that depending on what you specifically want to achieve.

Gmail clear inbox methods:

1. Archiving

Message archiving is the main method to clear inbox if you don't want to delete any messages.
Among the methods how to clear Inbox in Gmail archiving might be the easiest one. In case you have tried the Archive feature and you were wondering- Where are my old emails in Gmail account after I used archiving? You can remain calm; all the messages are moved to the "All Mail" folder and can be found there, this might be surprising but it’s in compliance with how Gmail archiving works on webmail.
For those who prefer keeping archived emails offline there’s an archive in Local Folders section. With local archive you can also configure automatic archiving so eM Client will keep your inbox clear for you no matter which account you are using as it is compatible even with Gmail where the archiving is handled a little bit differently as was mentioned earlier.
Detailed article about how to use automatic archiving and how it can improve your productivity be found in our blog here: Archive your emails easily with eM Client.

2. Rules

Continuing the theme of automatized inbox management, we get to Rules feature. Rules can do a lot of actions for you, sort your emails, delete them, resend, forward, and all that can be configured to your exact preference.

There are numerous triggers and conditions to choose from, like message size, email address, date received, keywords, whether the message was received or sent, and so on. All of that will allow rules to be flexible enough to meet all of your needs and never worry about sorting or cleaning up your Inbox manually.

It's also important to mention that with the support of server-side rules this feature is more powerful than ever. While it's a little bit off-topic, eM Client can also sync server-side tags and even attachments that are stored on supported cloud services, check it here.

3. Deletion

How to delete old email from Gmail? You can use the above-mentioned Rules feature to get rid of unnecessary old email, of course, there are other ways to do that if the one-time purge is needed. Emails can be moved to the trash and Gmail will automatically take care of them after 30-days.
They can be also removed permanently via the context menu, client toolbar, or using the good old Delete key. Shortcuts for deletion can be customized in eM Client's settings and you can also deactivate deletion confirmation. See more about useful shortcuts and how to use them.
Email sorting is yet another great way to find the biggest messages in your inbox, or the oldest ones, all without the need to scroll up and down to cherry-pick the emails you need to locate. Need something filtered as fast as possible? Check out the article and video about the Quick Filter feature.

Even the simple delete operation is customizable and adjustable in eM Client so your Inbox can remain nice and tidy at all times all while having absolute control over your mailbox.

There’s even more to eM Client!

So now we’ve covered how to clear inbox Gmail, or any other email provider, there isn’t much that eM Client can’t do. If you are stuck with Webmail and looking for an app that can be launched without web browsers, offers more flexibility and customization options like customizable UI, and at the same time keeps the whole interface clean, eM Client might be exactly what you need!

To find out more about eM Client’s amazing features visit our Blog.