10 May 2020

Search Like a Pro in eM Client

Advanced Search in eM Client

We already told you about Search keywords in our previous blog, but these are a part of a bigger feature - the Advanced search, which can be found at the bottom of the menu for the Search tab in the top right corner.

In the Advanced search window, you can easily add and specify rules to find exactly the items you're looking for. eM Client interface makes it easy to add, remove and specify each search condition. It also shows the shortened keyword version of the search which you can use to speed up your search next time!

Advanced search in eM Client Advanced search in eM Client

Instead of performing the same search over and over, you can create a Search folder from it. The search folder will appear as a special folder above your account folders and will contain the results of your defined search, readily available in your folder list.

Professional tip:

To edit the search query for an already created Search folder just right-click it and open Properties - this will open a window similar to the Advanced search where you can edit this folder's search rules as needed.