13 Feb 2020

Search Keywords

We've been thinking about making searching even easier, and while the default search is meant to be simple and fast, we'd like to introduce you to another great trick - the keyword feature. Using keywords can make your searches more exact and using them is faster then manually clicking all the options in Advanced search.

You can view available keywords by entering a question mark in the search box in the top right corner. Examples of these are subject, body, from, to, flag, importance, before, category, and more. They can be used to quickly enter a search term into the search engine without being slowed down by the menus and setting the search manually. Additionally, you can compose these keywords consecutively and use the AND operator (spacebar works as AND).

A few examples

I'm looking for a message from Tom. In the search box type "from: tom" and confirm with the Enter key.

I'm looking for a message from Tom, and at the same time, the word "encoding" needs to be in the subject. The term for this is "from: tom subject: encoding".

I'm looking for messages that are not older than one week and have the word "encoding" in the subject line. The correct term is "after: 09/28/2018 subject: encoding". eM Client will automatically offer possible dates in the suggestion line.

Unfortunately, the OR operator can only be used when searching within one condition, and you need to separate the words using a comma. So if you're looking for messages from Tom or Alice, enter "from: tom, alice" into the search.