6 Dec 2021

These 10 useful shortcuts in eM Client will boost your productivity

Only a few things could increase your work speed more than learning simple shortcuts in your favorite application(s). Adopt these eM Client shortcuts to your workflow, become a keyboard virtuoso and never look back.

10 useful shortcuts in eM Client
  • F5Send and Receive, Refresh
    Remember this one so you don’t have to manually click the Refresh button again. F5 will instantly refresh your mailboxes and send and receive messages. You can also refresh Calendar and Contacts with this shortcut.

  • Ctrl + RReply email
    Instead of having to click the reply button for every email you wish to reply, you can just use the Ctrl + R shortcut that will instantly open a message editor to create a reply to selected email.

  • Ctrl + FForward email
    To make the task delegation process faster, use Ctrl + F to forward emails to other relevant recipients. If you wish to forward an email as an attachment (.eml file), press the Ctrl + Alt + F shortcut.

  • Ctrl + Z - Undo
    This is a lovely universal shortcut that takes back various actions and will redeem your small mistakes, such as falsely deleted emails. You can also use it to reverse unwanted text modifications without having to manually take back your text changes.

  • Ctrl + UMark as Unread
    Mark a message as unread if you wish to get back to it later. You can also use a Snooze email feature in order to move an incoming email out of your inbox for a selected period of time, only to return it there later, as a new message.
    If you want to perform the opposite action, use Ctrl + QMark as Read

  • Ctrl + ASelect all
    If you wish to select all items in a folder, for example to easily move them to another folder, use Ctrl + A and all the items (emails) will be highlighted. You can also use this shortcut to highlight text in message windows.
    To swiftly delete all older conversations when replying or forwarding a longer email, for instance, simply use a combination of Ctrl + A, that will highlight all the text, and press Delete afterwards.

  • Ctrl + JMove to Spam
    There are two slower ways to move emails to spam (going via Menu > Message > Move to Junk or via the right-click). Or there’s the Ctrl + J shortcut.

  • InsertFollow up (flags a message)
    Do you mark your important emails in eM Client with a red flag too? So do we. Whether you use this approach intuitively or as a part of your personal Inbox Zero policy, you can just click Insert on your keyboard instead of wasting time with mouse or touchpad.

  • Tab (space)Go to Next Section
    When viewing a longer email, both in message preview and message window, use Tab (space key) instead of clicking/pressing arrows to scroll down the message.

  • Shift + Delete - Delete Permanently
    Save time by deleting unwanted messages and items right away, without putting them to Trash first (and having to empty it later). Be only careful not to permanently delete a wrong message.

Other useful eM Client shortcuts

  • F1 - Help

  • Ctrl + N - Create new Mail / Event / Task / Contact. Depends on the opened (selected) section.

  • Ctrl + P – Print

  • Ctrl + S - Save As

  • Ctrl + A - Select All

  • Ctrl + Shift + F - Find

  • Ctrl + Shift + V - Move to Folder

  • Ctrl + Shift + C - Copy to Folder

  • Ctrl + < - Previous Message

  • Ctrl + > - Next Message

  • Ctrl + Shift + R - Reply All

  • Alt + M - Hide Completed (in Tasks)

Learn even more useful eM Client shortcuts here.

How to create custom shortcuts in eM Client

If you prefer your personal workflow and custom shortcuts for maximum productivity, just go to Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts, select the shortcut you wish to modify and change it according to your preference.

eM Client: Shortcuts settings

Don’t worry, if you would like to reverse your changes (and maybe don’t remember the original shortcuts), simply click on Reset all to default.

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