16 Jun 2022

How to create a professional email template in eM Client

When you create an email, there are a lot of things to consider than just the text of your message – the visual style is something that most readers will notice first. And if you have your own business or brand, it becomes even more crucial that your message looks professional and keeps a consistent look which is something email templates can be used for.

How to create a professional email template in eM Client

Email templates for business

We already talked about how Signatures are useful in communication your brand and what they should include to appear professional. While signature can communicate more about your profession and skills and provide additional contact information, it only gives those details at the very end of your message, and sometimes you might want to communicate your brand or company from the very start.

A header image before the salutation or simply using your brand colors for fonts and backgrounds can keep things simple but also put your emails onto another level, making them instantly distinct from the basic black on white in default system fonts.

Email templates in eM Client

You can create your emails templates in Menu > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures. Open the Templates section and create your own templates. You can use some of the simpler, ready-to-use options such as set background color or image and font colors. You can insert other smaller elements you have available when composing any message, such as an image or table.

If you want to create a bit more advanced template, you can right-click inside the text field and use the option to Edit source – this way you can view and edit the HTML code of the message template. If you for example already have a website that follows your brand’s design, you can reuse its elements here, since the source code of a template is not that different from a normal HTML website.

This also means that if you can create an HTML look you like using some online tools and save this code, you can just paste it into eM Client to use it in your emails anytime you like!

You can then save and share the templates either to use them in other devices or make them available to your colleagues or just share them for fun!
Using the ‘Save as’ button in eM Client you can save the template into EMLT file. Using the Import option here will add the template to your list.

In the main Templates and Signatures section you can assign your template to be used as default either for new message, reply or forward. You can of course create different templates for each of these as well as for each of your email accounts.

Template examples

In order to show you exactly how it works, feel free to download these template samples created by our team. Simply download the one you like best and go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures in eM Client, click the Templates button and import your selected EMLT file!

eM Client: Email template 1

eM Client: Email template 2

eM Client: Email template 3

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