18 Nov 2021

Professional email signatures

An email signature is quite often one of the first impressions people get while communicating these days. Your average office day consists of 8 hours, and usually a few dozens of emails. That is plenty of opportunities to market yourself and your business. It would be a shame to not put this feature to good use. Today, we will take a look at how to set up good email signatures and point out a few golden rules to make them more appealing.

Professional email signature

Email signature for business

Just like in any other form of written communication, your name should be clearly visible. Closely following should be any affiliate information. Be it your job title, company or even just a department or business you are in. This not only draws attention, but your emails will also feel more serious. Ideally, you want some form of additional contact info as your next signature line.

This should cover the basic structure, and given you keep your text formatting aligned with your email, it should be sufficient. Nevertheless, we can do even better. Additional information and graphic design allow your signature to be truly unique.

You can add a contact to your social media, or your profile pictures. Be advised though, social media links should only be included as icons, so the signature stays as simple and clean as possible even with the growing amount of information. The mood of your profile picture vastly depends on the industry you work in. It is quite right to include a cheerful and playful profile picture for a musician to attract more listeners. On the other hand, this approach is unsuitable for a banker or a lawyer, who needs to appear serious and credible.

Email signatures in company

All aforementioned basics still apply to the work email signatures used in companies. The difference here is a professional email signature for a company needs to be consistent in the first place. Usually, this is achieved by some form of templates for the business email signature that are shared in the company.

Email signatures in eM Client

Editing a shared email template does not sound that complicated right? Well, in case there are thousands of employees, the probability of errors rises. That is one thing you aim to avoid as it really does not look professional.

We would like to show you how eM Client deals with signatures. You are free to create your own signature in a myriad of ways. However, a senior colleague can also simply export his own signature as an html file via eM Client settings to a junior employee. Once you receive such a file you can easily import it in the eM Client itself and then change it in the settings. The idea here is to stay consistent in terms of graphic design and structure of the signature.

eM Client: Nice and rich email signature

The options are even wider for IT admins, you can force email signature change for users via the eM Client License Manager application.

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