27 Feb 2020

Signatures in eM Client

Whether you're sending out a business email or a message to a friend, you always need to sign it - it's just common etiquette and something we learned from the old days of real letters.

How to work with signatures

This video tutorial will show you how to create, manage and use your signatures in eM Client.

With eM Client you can easily create a signature that will be added to your emails automatically. You can even create a list of signatures for different occasions. This way you make sure your messages never go out without a signature, and you can also easily switch between them if needed.

Why you should sign your emails

Won't the recipient see your name in the From section of the message list?

While that is true in most cases, not all mail servers or programs might keep your name in the From field correctly, so giving your name at the end of the message ensures your recipient knows who they're dealing with.

eM Client Signature settings eM Client Signature settings

Similarly, your name in the message header might get lost when your message is forwarded or gets buried in a long message thread. Seeing your signature and your email address at the bottom of the message will make it easier to contact you back, no matter what happens along the way!

And if you run a business or promote a cause, it never hurts to throw in your logo, phone number, website, or social media handles to generate a new audience.

eM Client Signature editor eM Client Signature editor

Now you know how important signatures are and have gained all the tools needed to create, modify and assign them. Go on and use eM Client to personalize your emails and make them look more professional at the same time.