- xfinity connect email

Comcast Cable Communications, LLC or Xfinity is a telecommunications division of Comcast Corporation which provides internet, cable televison and other services.
They also provide email service called comcast email with the domain

xfinity email login

You can view your xfinity email on the Xfinity webmail, either at email or Just use your normal Comcast email sign in - your xfinity email address and password.

Connect xfinity email status

If you do not use your comcast-net email in over 12 months it can turn inactive in xfinityconnect.
Go to the View Your Email Account Status webpage to find out how to find out your email status and how to set it to active.

xfinity connect app

Xfinity app was a free app where you could manage your Xfinity Voice and email services, however, this service was retired on on April 20, 2021 as you can read in their xfinity connect sunset article.

For email you could use any email app as xfinity connect app replacement, one of them being eM Client, which is currently available for Windows and macOS but mobile apps for iOS and Android are coming soon.

Xfinity connect login - email and voice portal can be used to check your messages from any browser.