Miss the Xfinity Connect App? Try eM Client!

Launched in 2005, Xfinity has long been a popular telecommunications division of Comcast that has provided internet, cable television and email services for nearly two decades. Currently, users can access their Xfinity email account through their web browsers or through different third party applications. Learn how to access and get the most out of your Xfinity email account by using eM Client.

Accessing your Xfinity Email

  • To access or create your Xfinity email, go to the Xfinity website at connect.xfinity.com. Forgot your username or password? Follow the steps using this link to regain access to your Xfinity email account or to reset your password of your xfinity email login or comcast email login for security purposes.
  • Since Xfinity is owned by Comcast, you’ll log in using a @comcast.net email address.
  • Xfinity allows users to create up to seven accounts to provide access to Xfinity’s features.

Users who prefer applications rather than web browsers for email access can download the eM Client application on their desktop device. Simply set up your account using your Xfinity email credentials. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of the eM Client application while also continuing to use the same Xfinity email address.

Xfinity Email Status

If you’re using multiple email addresses for various purposes, it can be easy to forget about certain email accounts. This can become a problem if you’re using different emails for multiple website login credentials. There’s nothing more irritating than realizing you can no longer access your Netflix or Facebook account because your email has become inactive and you can no longer retrieve your login credentials.

After 12 months without logging in, your Comcast account will become inactive. This can easily be prevented by periodically logging into your Xfinity email to check for new notifications. Xfinity deletes all contents of the inactive account; including drafts, contacts, sent and received emails.

With eM Client, you’ll be able to access everything you need and see your notifications with fewer clicks and frustrations - without ever logging into a web browser. If you’re worried about losing access to important emails and information due to inactivity, your emails can be easily downloaded to your local drive by archiving them through eM Client.

Go to View Your Comcast.net Email Account Status web page to find out how to check the status of your Xfinity account email and learn how to reactivate your account if needed.

Xfinity Connect App

The Xfinity Connect App used to be a free application that allowed users to manage their Xfinity Voice and email services. This service was sadly retired on April 20, 2021. Current users of Xfinity services need to log in through their browser for email account access. This is frustrating for Xfinity users who need to view their emails or work while on the move. A new third party app is required if you want to continue to access your Xfinity email through a mobile device.

Users who want to access their Xfinity email account through their device while enjoying the convenience and extra features of email applications can download eM Client for free. eM Client offers email, calendar, notes, contacts, and chat services; all in one place.

The good news: eM Client’s upcoming mobile app is a perfect solution for frustrated Xfinity users who miss the convenience of the Xfinity Connect App. You’ll be able to send and receive emails, access files, and more using the eM Client mobile app.

The eM Client desktop app is available on Windows and macOS devices. eM Client mobile is currently in beta testing for iOS and Android and will be officially released soon. Stay tuned to learn about updates by checking out our blog!