16 Feb 2023

Come test the Beta version of eM Client for iOS and Android

Usually, I don't write blog articles myself and leave them to my capable colleagues. Today I'm going to make an exception because I have some really exciting news for you. After a long time in development and a lot of work, the first mobile beta version of eM Client for iOS and Android is here. I am aware that this has been widely requested from you, the users, for a long time, and that's why it was, and still is, a huge priority for us.

It must be said up front that this is a version intended for beta testing, it may contain some bugs, and we're definitely a few more weeks away from the first official release. Nevertheless, we wanted to share this first preview of the app with you so that we can take your feedback into account for the final release. It is a big step forward for us, which we hope you will appreciate.

eM Client mobile - BETA


Our journey (and I've been there since the very beginning) began 16 long years ago with a vision to develop the best email and calendar management app on the market. Things didn't always go as easily and quickly as we first envisioned, but our product has improved with each version, both in terms of user interface, design, and range of features. You can see for yourself how it has evolved on this page.

As eM Client improved and our user base grew, so did our motivation to work even harder. Thank you for that. It is only thanks to your support that we can develop eM Client even further. In 2018, we launched the macOS version, which, despite initial teething troubles, has gradually become one of the most used email apps on Mac.

But the world didn't stop turning and it gradually became clear that the desktop version would not be enough. It was obvious (and our users made it very clear) that we would have to come up with a mobile version that would function as seamlessly as possible with the desktop app. It took us a bit longer than expected, but that time has come...

One code to rule them all

We didn't want to become just another generic email app, of which there are many on both Android and iOS. So how is the mobile eM Client different? Mainly in the fact that we managed to pull off quite a feat and kept the same technical core for the mobile as it is in the desktop version. This allows us to take advantage of the quality and complexity of the code accumulated over many years of desktop app development since the first release of the mobile app (which is happening right now). This means that full support for all email services, technologies, and protocols from the desktop app is immediately available. A fix on one platform is always automatically reflected on all other platforms with the next update.


The mobile version of eM Client has been designed from the start to handle a workload comparable to its desktop counterpart. For example, we only download the last month of messages by default to speed up the initial sync and save data usage, but the mobile eM Client can sync your entire email history for dozens of email accounts and still work as quickly as it would on the desktop. This also includes the ability to quickly and easily scroll through a list containing tens or hundreds of thousands of messages. Our competitors usually can't or don't do that. Mobile eM Client is simply a full-featured tool on your phone (or tablet) without compromise.

Familiar user interface

Our competitors' products generally look and behave differently on each platform. This is due to the fact that a completely different team works on each project. We wanted to avoid this at all costs when designing the mobile app and setting up the environment so that the user is right at home when switching between platforms. This means that we use similar UI elements, the same icons, the same range of features, a very similar breakdown of the app settings, or, for example, a folder list view including all folder types that one can view in the desktop version. Wherever you go in the application, you will recognize elements from the "big" eM Client and everything should be clear at a glance.


Compatibility with the desktop version goes so far that, in addition to all your accounts, you can also import templates, signatures, quick texts, PGP and S/MIME certificates, and most other settings (such as whether or not to show conversations) into the mobile version via a QR code with a single tap. You can do this import not only the first time you launch the mobile app, but also anytime later. Just find the QR Export button in the desktop app (you must have the latest version installed).

Range of features

The mobile eM Client is also unique in its range of features. This is not just an app for doing the bare essentials before you get back to your PC. Unlike our competitors, you can do the vast majority of operations in the mobile app. The list of functionalities includes:

  • IMAP, POP3, Exchange, Office365 and Google Workspace support
  • Automatic account setup
  • Conversation support
  • Complete folder management
  • Advanced search
  • Quick filters
  • Tag support (Gmail labels and other supported services)
  • Templates
  • Signatures
  • Quick Text
  • Archiving
  • Snooze emails
  • Watch for reply
  • Advanced privacy management (external content) including tracking pixel detection
  • Instant translation of incoming messages
  • Encryption and signing of messages using S/MIME and PGP (including eM Keybook support)
  • Favorites and global folders
  • Search folders
  • and much more

Things we can’t do yet

In the first version, only the email functionality is available compared to the desktop app. You won‘t therefore find contact management, calendars, tasks, notes or even chat. However, we will gradually add these features to the app to make it a truly full-fledged alternative to the desktop version.

The beta, which is currently being released, does not yet include support for cloud attachments, quick notes for messages, rules management, mass mail, send later, and the option to turn off avatars or change the number of preview lines in the message list. You also can't use the zoom gesture in the message detail or switch the content of a specific message to its original colors in dark mode.

The beta version also doesn't support push notifications yet, so you'll only be notified about a new message on iOS when the app is in the foreground and on Android when the app is running at least in the background. That's a pretty big point that we're currently still working on.

What devices is the mobile eM Client available for and how to try it out?

The mobile eM Client is available for Android and iOS.

The Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The iOS version can be downloaded using the Test Flight app available on the Apple App Store. After installing the Test Flight app, just click on this link to install eM Client for iOS.

The mobile eM Client can be installed on both mobile phone and tablet devices. However, it should be noted here that the application is not yet fully optimized for tablets in terms of the user interface. We will also be working on this in the coming weeks.

Where to report bugs and send feedback

As already mentioned, this is a beta version, which is certainly not without flaws. It may be unstable, not fast or responsive enough, may have problems displaying some messages, and may behave differently on different devices. It is important that we know about these bugs. As well as finding out that maybe the user interface doesn't suit you in some way, or you're perhaps missing an option or a feature.
Please send all such reports to [email protected]. We will try to respond to you and address the reported issues as they arise. Help us make the mobile app the best it can be. We will listen to your feedback (I will personally read all the reports and suggestions you send us).

Further plans for the future

The release of the mobile app is certainly not the end of our plans. We have many other exciting things in the pipeline for 2023. In addition to further aligning the mobile app with the desktop (especially calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes), we plan new features for desktop version 10, such as support for the message classification categories you know from Gmail, redesigned chat with support for multichat platforms such as Slack, support for Quick Actions for creating simple macros, an improved design, and much more. At the same time, we're also working on a web version of eM Client so that we can offer you a unified user experience, this time truly across all platforms.

Michal Bürger

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