Improve your emails with grammar check

UPDATE: It seems that in April 2024, Grammarly has finally lifted the block from the eM Client app and both eM Client 9 and eM Client 10 BETA can use the Grammarly app again.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately in October 2023, Grammarly decided to blacklist the eM Client app and therefore it can no longer be used in combination with Grammarly desktop app.
We are trying to reach Grammarly to reverse this decision.

Whether you are a native speaker or not, typos happen to all of us and it’s always important to check the grammar before sending emails, especially those that are more official or important than others. Applications that are built around typing and messaging usually have a built-in mechanism for grammar check which works fine if you need to check words for mistypes. But what if the built-in grammar check is insufficient and you want to check the entire sentences for context and make sure that the tone, wording, and grammar are perfect? Keep on reading to find out more.

Forget about old-school spell check!

With the rise of machine learning and ai, we now have apps/services like Grammarly which judging by the user’s feedback, seems to be the best grammar checker app/service.
Grammarly offers grammar check for free for web browsers and inside desktop apps so you can use eM Client with Grammarly without the official integration and the same goes even for web browsers and text editors. That is just a free version and you can also get a premium version through a subscription.

It can perform punctuation, spelling, and grammar correction, fix poor word choice, poor structure of the sentence, wordiness, vagueness, and hedging, and even detect plagiarism if it occurs.

What’s best about it is that you can get Grammarly Premium, Free, and even a trial of the Premium version (offered only occasionally). Grammarly is available as a desktop app and a web browser plugin, both are easy to install and use.
However, at the moment it supports only the English language, so for multilingual email communication, it’s still good to use a traditional spell-checker that supports more than one language.

Grammarly in eM Client

eM Client has a basic spell checker for various languages but it’s far from being as complex as the dedicated spell checker app. Not to say that the built-in spell checker isn’t useful though. If you need to switch to a language that isn’t English it’s possible to pick from many spell-check dictionaries in eM Client. There’s also automatic keyboard language detection so if you switch between languages, the spell-checker will adjust to that. So it might still be useful when you’re using different languages for emails other than English, since Grammarly won’t be able to help you with those.

“When will be eM Client working with Grammarly?” is a question we heard many times. Now you can finally take advantage of Grammarly's powerful spell-checker when writing emails in eM Client. All you need is an account with Grammarly, their desktop app, and the eM Client app.

Once both are running, you can click the “New” button in eM Client and see a green floating icon with a curved arrow. When the improvement suggestion is available, the icon will change its appearance to reflect the number of suggested improvements.

Grammarly icon Grammarly icon
Grammarly icon Grammarly

Clicking on the icon will reveal all available suggestions but with the free version, you will get only free features. The app will tell you that there are premium suggestions available if that’s the case so at least there is some kind of hint available and if you like the app it may convince you to go with the Premium version.

For casual users, the free version will probably do the trick but for students, executives, lawyers, for all those who write a lot and work with professional texts where the tone, correctness, and accuracy are crucial it is a no-brainer. It will help you to focus on the writing while Grammarly reviews the text and lets you correct it afterward based on the suggestions.

Now that the stylistic side of email text is taken care of, make sure to also check out our article about email templates to find out how eM Client can help you create professional email templates and make your life easier.