Contact management system

Having a powerful tool to help you govern your business gives you a much-needed edge over the competition. Your contact list can play a crucial role in further extending your reach, that is why having professional software that can fulfil such a role is not only beneficial, but also logical.

In this article, we will discuss the general application of contact management software and how eM Client can be used as one.

Contact management system is a tool that your sales team will benefit from the most. Basically, the software should be able to store and easily edit all your customers' information and also save all the communication with them.

Additional features might include:

  • Basic form of automation
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Centralized communication

The benefits of eM Client

eM Client is a desktop email client for both Windows and macOS can fully serve as your primary Contact management tool. It features a comprehensive contacts editor for many providers. There are literally dozens of fields that can be used to specify further information about your contacts. Needless to say, all the communication with the given contacts can be saved locally on your PC, or stored on the server – visible through eM Client.

Advanced features of eM Client

eM Client offers all the advanced features that you might expect.

Your recipients are automatically stored in recipients' history and can be easily imported in your contact list. Whole teams can not only enjoy the benefits of an email desktop client, but can also use chat, which is directly inbuilt into the application. Also, while selecting a specific contact, you can quickly check all communication with the given contacts in the right sidebar with Contact details or in the People overview. eM Client also offers a deep search engine, with various filter options so you always find the message you are looking for.

Moreover, in order to quickly reach your customers and colleagues, eM Client offers support for many meeting providers such as Webex by Cisco, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. With advanced archive and backup options, the software ensures you never lose the data you need.

eM Client just might be a perfect fit for your Contacts management system of choice. Try out a free 30 day DEMO by downloading the app today!