12 Sep 2021

What email client to choose: Top 7 eM Client Advantages

Let’s see why eM Client is currently the best choice for your email management and what key advantages it brings to its users.

eM Client Advantages

1. eM Client is chic and easy to use

It’s actually hard to believe that such a feature-rich and powerful application as eM Client could be so straight-forward and clean in appearance. Every pixel of the user interface was carefully considered and built to maximize productivity and minimize frustration of users. If you are used to the Outlook interface, you will find eM Client familiar, only a lot better. eM Client will just smoothly fit into your email routine and improve upon it.

New inbox

2. eM Client works with every email service

Google Workspace, Office 365, iCloud, Exchange, IceWarp, Kerio, and whatever else you can think of – eM Client is compatible with all major platforms.

Furthermore, eM client will setup everything automatically for most email services. It will also import your existing data from all major email clients (including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Incredimail, and more).

eM Client also supports a number of integrations (with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ownCloud, Nextcloud, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams and more) and will easily fit into your environment.

3. eM Client has unique email features, such as Send Email Later or Watch for Reply

There’s vast amount of email management tools and features in eM Client that will cover even the most exotic workflows (read about Inbox Zero and how to set your customized email management workflow with eM Client).

In any case, your work with emails will be faster thanks to a useful sidebar with email history and attachment history for a selected contact, as well as thanks to simple folder management, rules, or tags.

You will never miss a reply to an important email (or will be notified about not getting a reply) thanks to a unique Watch for Reply feature. You can also schedule your outgoing emails with the Send Later feature. And if you don’t feel like working with certain received messages at the moment, use the Snooze Email feature and have the email delivered to your inbox later.

4. eM Client is superfast and can look up emails in an instant

Emails, contacts, attachments, even the content inside the attached files (yes, there’s a full text search within the files such as Word, Excel or PDF) – everything can be looked up in an instant. Having all the information at hand all the time speeds up the work incredibly – in fact, once you get used to the powerful search capabilities of eM Client, it will be difficult to settle with anything less efficient.

5. eM Client has the most advanced attachments management on the market

Not only can you (full-text) search in attachments, eM Client also has a very useful All Attachments view that lists and allows you to manage all the sent and received files. So, no more endless searching over old emails to find that file you know you sent.

eM Client also extensively supports the more secure way of sending files over the email – the cloud attachments (learn How to use cloud attachments in emails). Thanks to integration with several popular cloud storage providers (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ownCloud, or Nextcloud), eM Client makes sending cloud attachments just as easy as sending regular attachments and even lists cloud storage files in the All Attachments view, next to local attachments.

eM Client: All Attachments view

6. eM Client also has features for calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, and chat

Email management is but one of eM Client’s functionalities. There’s an advanced Calendar (where you can connect all your existing calendars and manage them from one place), Tasks, features for efficient Contacts management, Notes and Chat.

7. eM Client is customizable to the last detail and offers a unique Theme editor

It’s possible to extensively adjust eM Client behavior to fit your routine. You can also enhance your workspace and make it to your own taste thanks to many beautiful themes you can choose from. Or if you wish, you can also build your own theme with our unique Theme editor (see how).

New to eM Client?

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  • Mass Mail

  • Send Email Later

  • Watch for Replies
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