1 Dec 2022

Is eM Client the best mail app for Apple?

Is eM Client the best mail app for Apple?

eM Client can help you manage not only your emails but contacts, events, tasks and more. This all-in-one tool has been a staple on Windows systems for years, but how does its venture to the macOS mail apps world hold up? Let’s have a look at the features it offers to the native Apple users today.

Is eM Client the best mail app for Apple?

Email client for macOS

Most email apps for macOS, including the default Apple Mail app, are streamlined and simplified so they have a beautiful design and few buttons and elements on screen - which is great, but can fall short when you need to use more advanced features. eM Client is a great business tool that is easy to set up, have a customizable interface, supports wide range of email services and contains a number of advanced features and integrations.

eM Client also keeps up to date with the latest – we can guarantee support on the 3 latest supported systems, which now includes macOS Ventura. eM Client 9 natively supports the Apple Silicon M1 chip and M2 chip, so you get the best out of your hardware!

Apple M1 chip vs M2 chip

Apple has introduced its custom silicon chip for Mac in November 2020, and in June 2022 a second generation M2 chip has now been introduced as well. These Arm-based chips provide incredible performance and efficiency for the macOS systems. M2 has two more GPU cores and few smaller improvements, so it can run over 40% more operations than M1, but depending on the machine, users might not notice significant difference in performance.
eM Client supports and can run on systems using both M1 chip, M2 chip and also the older Intel chips.

Powerful Mac mail app

eM Client of course covers the basics or reading, composing and sending emails, but there is a whole lot more. The account setup is a breeze, with modern authentication being supported for most used services, such as Google OAuth, Exchange OAuth and Yahoo Oauth. iCloud accounts can also work easily with the standard App Passwords.

iCloud email app

Using the automatic setup, eM Client can easily help you find the correct settings for your iCloud account. You can find step-by-step instructions on our website here: eM Client with iCloud.

eM Client will automatically configure your iCloud mail and allow you to work with your emails and shared folders, synchronize your calendars and allow you to manage your contacts.

Gmail client for Mac

As mentioned, eM Client supports the modern authentication that Google requires for all Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. Using the automatic setup, you can configure email, calendars, contacts and tasks in few steps, described on this page: eM Client with Google Workspace.

eM Client allows you to easily manage all aspects of your Google account in one place and also supports integrations for Google Meet for online meetings and Google Drive for cloud attachments, making it the most comprehensive desktop Gmail app available for macOS.

So what else does eM Client offer as the ultimate email app on Mac?

There is a super-fast search feature which can not only search through your email headers and bodies, but also attachments. You can create special search folders instead of repeating your commonly used searches manually.

You can also vastly improve your sending with the features like Send later, which lets you send an email in any specified time or Undo Send, in case you need to pull back a message sent out with a typo or missing file.

Speaking of files, eM Client offers a wide range of integrations for Cloud attachments, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and others, so not only is your outgoing message sent quickly, you can also edit or restrict access to the file later on your cloud storage.

The Watch for reply feature can give you a notification when an important reply arrives or if you want to get reminded to send a follow-up email.

eM Client also support both S/MIME and PGP for message encryption and digital signatures - end-to-end encryption on Mac has never been simpler.

On the received message front, you have a number of tools to organize your emails, rules which can mark or move your messages into dedicated folders, which can be local or synchronized with Google, Exchange or other servers. You can also set up out of office message for your Outlook accounts on Mac. Tags for easy categorization and color navigation, including synchronized labels for Gmail accounts and categories for Exchange, and options to snooze email for later – snoozed email is put aside from your inbox and then brought back on your specified time so the message arrives as a new one. This can help you achieve Inbox Zero on Mac and staying on top of all your important emails.

You can also set up Mac email auto reply for Google, Exchange and IceWarp accounts, use both local and server-side mail archive and bring your mail accounts offline from when you travel or are experiencing trouble with your connection. So you can keep your Mac email account offline and easily manage any Mac email archive at any time.

Not just an email app

So do you need to change your macOS default email client? Maybe you’re thinking that you already have your email covered so there is no need to find a new one.
But as was mentioned, eM Client is more than just an email client – it can manage and synchronize your Contacts for Exchange, Gmail, iCloud or any other CardDAV service.
You can manage contacts and tag them to easily send emails to specific groups of contacts, which is especially powerful when connected with the Mass mail feature where each recipient gets their own copy of an email.

Same goes for your calendars, not only can you get your agenda from all your Google, Office 365 and other CalDAV calendars, you can also set up your online meetings, no matter if you use Zoom, Google Meet, Webex or others. You can also subscribe to Internet calendars you want to follow or add the national holidays of your country.

There is also the Notes section for any thoughts you need to write down or an Attachments view, so you can browse through all the files you’ve sent or received in one place, view all your Mac email attachments as files, without having to comb through specific accounts or folders.

Not to mention, you can also set up and use XMPP chat to talk to your colleagues or friends!

New to eM Client?

Try it out! It's free and fabulous.

If you’re ready for more, buy the PRO license and enjoy:

  • unlimited email accounts

  • unlimited commercial use

  • professional VIP support

  • Notes and Attachments sections

  • Snooze Email

  • Mass Mail

  • Send Email Later

  • Watch for Replies

and more.

And in the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos.