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eM Client with iCloud

eM Client is a desktop email client with full iCloud synchronization.


Easily connect to iCloud using eM Client, and access your data from a Windows computer. eM Client will synchronize your iCloud calendars, contacts, emails and reminders. Finally, you will be able to use iCloud on Windows with the convenience of a desktop application.

Work with your iCloud data while offline
Synchronize your calendars, emails, tasks and contacts


Learn how to setup eMClient with iCloud step by step

  1. To connect your iCloud account you will need to generate an app-specific password for eM Client. For more information please refer to Apple's official guide.

  2. Open the account settings using Menu > Tools > Accounts.

  3. Click the 'New Account' button. An account wizard window will appear. Now click Calendar and select iCloud Calendar. You will be able to set up all the other services in the process, too.

  4. Fill in your Apple ID into the email address field and your password into the password field and click Next.

  5. Now you can choose what iCloud services do you want to use from eM Client. Click Finish.

    If you will be using iCloud mail, go to step 5, otherwise go to step 6.

    Note: If you check the Mail service, your iCloud email address must already exist.

  6. Select your newly created iCloud account and click IMAP. In the Authentication section, click 'Use these credentials'. Into the username field, enter the part before '@' of your iCloud email (e.g. enter user123 if your iCloud email address is user123@iCloud.com). Click Ok.

  7. You're all set now! Start using eM Client and all your iCloud data is synchronized.

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