eM Client and Zoom Integration

Here are the basic information about eM Client and its Zoom integration as Zoom client


  1. Download the latest version of eM Client
  2. Run the downloaded MSI package
  3. Go through the installation process

Set up Integration

  1. Run eM Client
  2. Go to Menu>Settings>Online meetings>Add
  3. Click to Add button and select Zoom
  4. Go through the Zoom authentication process in browser
  5. Return to eM Client
  6. The integration now should be set up


You can create ad hoc (immediate) meetings from eM Client by simply clicking on New > Online Meeting > Zoom

You can also schedule an Online Meeting in eM Client. Just create an event and change its type to Online Meeting and select Zoom as your meeting provider. You'll be able to join the meeting from eM Client.
How to send a Zoom invite? The Online meeting link will be sent automatically to all attendees.

Deauthorizing Zoom

  1. Run eM Client
  2. Go to Menu>Settings>Online meetings
  3. Click on Zoom
  4. Click on Remove button


eM Client is unistalled in the same way as any other Windows or Mac application