Windstream Internet and Email - all you need to know


Windstream Holdings is a telecommunication company founded in 2006. It is focusing on providing voice, data, and network communications, basically, it is an internet provider with some extra products. The company went through a management change and some rough patches in the past but now it is back on its feet.
Let’s take a brief look at their services and how to use Windstream email login in eM Client.

What does it offer?

It has a service called Kinetic which is a web TV, you can purchase security solutions for internet browsing and for your home and of course, you can use them as an internet provider. You can also get an email address and if you are not living in rural areas in the U.S. there might be better alternatives available, the best is to ask Windstream customer service for a trial and see how it works for you. If you are an existing customer wondering- “How do I log into my Windstream mail”, use this page for Windstream email login.
To pay Windstream bill for internet and other services, visit the login page and follow the steps below:
Start at Kinetic/Windstream login page.

  • 1. You will be redirected to your Homepage
  • 2. Click on Pay Now. The new page will be opened.
  • 3. On the Make A Payment page, confirm the payment amount and your payment method.
  • 4. Click Pay Now

Or, if you need help with adding their email account to eM Client we can help you with that for sure!

Adding Windstream email to eM Client

What type of email account is Windstream net? You can pick from IMAP or POP setup (we recommend IMAP for most users) or use webmail, although we believe it’s more efficient to use an email client as it gives you the ability to combine multiple accounts in one app. Here’s what you need to do to get Windstream email to sync with eM Client:

Automatic setup: This is the easier way, open Menu>Accounts and hit the “+add account” button. Then enter the address(use your windstream login), and password, follow the instructions on the screen and the setup should be done. There is a second method on how to add your Windstream email if you need to use specific settings.

Manual setup: Just like with the automatic setup, we start in Menu>Accounts by clicking “+add account”. In the next step select the “Mail” tab > ”Other” and fill out the account details, then you should be set. If you are looking for the server settings to use we’ve written them below just for you:


  • port: (SSL) 993
  • Port: 143


  • port: (SSL) 995
  • port: 110


  • port: (SSL) 465
  • port: 587

If you want to find out what capabilities eM Client has and which accounts are supported, see the comparison chart.