Windstream Internet and Email

Established in 2005 as Valor Communications Group, Windstream offers reliable internet and email services. The company is currently called Kinetic by Windstream. With so many name changes and service options, it can be overwhelming to keep track of your Windstream account information. This guide will show you how to conveniently log into your Windstream account and teach you how to use eM Client to enhance your Windstream email experience.

Windstream email login

Like any login information, it’s easy to forget your Windstream login for email if you don’t have it written down or saved on your computer. Your Windstream login email should be formatted like this: [email protected]. If you have a legacy email address from before Windstream’s name change, you’ll need to login with that domain name. These domains include:,, or Regardless of the domain name, your Windstream login will have the same standard formatting and should include “.net.” Enter this information and then type your password. If you forgot your password or your Windstream email address, visit this page to get help.

Windstream Internet

In addition to offering email services, Windstream is also an internet provider. Their internet services are called Kinetic Internet. Their internet services provide benefits like fast service and 24/7 access to Windstream customer service. There are three Windstream internet options: Kinetic Internet (up to 100 MBPS), Kinetic Fiber (500 MBPS), and Kinetic Fiber GIG (1000 MBPS).

To log into your Kinetic account to manage your Kinetic Internet services or access Windstream bill pay, go to the Go Kinetic website. Your Kinetic Windstream login should use your Windstream email net login.

Common Windstream questions

We’ll walk you through the answers to some frequently asked Windstream email and internet questions:

  • How do I log into my Windstream email?

    To log into your Windstream email, visit this link. Use your email address to log in.

  • Why is my Windstream email not working?

    There are many reasons why your Windstream email might not be working. Check your internet connection and make sure that your device is connected. If your device is not connected, try restarting your device and check your router. If you’re connected to the internet, but unable to log into your account; check to make sure you’re using the correct Windstream username and password. Call or message Windstream customer support if you are still struggling to access your account.

  • How do I find my Windstream email username and password?

    If you forgot your Windstream email address information, you can recover it by going to this link. If you can’t find your password, you’ll need to reset using this link. If you forgot both, you’ll need to recover your Windstream email address first in order to recover your password.

  • What type of email account is is a webmail email address for Windstream and Kinetic customers. Windstream users can choose IMAP or POP setups for their account server settings. If you prefer to use an email client; you can download helpful email management applications like eM Client to use with your account.

Use Windstream with eM Client

eM Client is an innovative email client application that will help you manage your emails and increase your productivity. eM Client is compatible with Windstream email accounts - so you can download eM Client and get started today - for free! To add your Windstream account to eM Client, follow these steps:

  • Download eM Client on your device.
  • During the account setup process, simply add your Windstream email login information. You’ll need to enter your email username and password.
  • After adding your Windstream account; you can choose to do automatic or manual setup. Look here if you need to check the server setting options for Windstream.
  • Complete your account setup by choosing your preferences.

Already an eM Client user? Go to: Menu > Accounts > Add account. Type your Windstream email login information. You can now access your Windstream email in addition to your other account by navigating to the right panel and clicking the account name you wish to access.

Once your account setup is complete on eM Client, you’ll be able to view all of your Windstream emails while taking advantage of all the great features eM Client has to offer! Use the calendar, tasks, notes, and more. Pro eM Client users can use groundbreaking organizational features like Attachments View and Thread View. eM Client will revolutionize the way you use your email.

Want to learn more about eM Client’s great features? Check out our blog to find out about updates and for helpful email tips and tricks!