What is the difference between cc and bcc

When writing an email you will often see fields other than TO in your new email window or an option to view these fields - CC and BCC. So what does cc and bcc mean? What's the difference between cc and bcc?

What is cc and bcc in email

Cc and Bcc are fields under the TO field where additional recipients can be added. The behavior for the email addresses in these fields is a bit different from traditional TO recipients though.

Cc what does it mean?

CC or carbon copy meaning is an identical copy. What does cc mean in email? Cc meaning in mail in that a copy of the message will be sent to the person in the CC field. So the recipient will see that there was a copy sent to someone and the recipient of the copy will see that there was a different recipient in the TO field.

But where do we get the phrase carbon copy? You can find that out in this article which includes a definition of cc carbon copy - Meaning of Cc and Bcc in emails.

What does bcc mean in text

If you ever wondered what does bcc mean, then you can know that BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This one is not inspired by any real copy-making, but just means that the other recipient does not know there is a copy, ie. they are 'blind' to it.

How to set auto bcc in outlook

Outlook does not support Auto bcc functionality. Auto bcc on outlook is not available in neither the web nor desktop version.
The only workaround is making a rule (Manage email messages by using rules) to COPY your messages into other Inboxes, but if you want to truly use Auto BCC you need to use a different app.

eM Client does support Auto BCC functionality and you can simply find it in Menu > Accounts section where you can set up an auto bcc addresses for any of your email accounts, including outlook default bcc.

G suite auto bcc vs cc

Google accounts also do not provide gsuite auto cc or bcc functions, unfortunately. But you can also use eM Client's auto-bcc function to achieve auto bcc with Google mail.
For normal google mail cc and bcc functionality in google webmail you simply need to click the 'Cc' or 'Bcc' links in the top right of the compose window.