What is archive in mail

Not having enough space in your mail account can potentially cause you to miss out on some current messages, as some servers will reject new messages when the mailbox is full.
A good way to avoid such trouble is Mail Archive. But what does message archived mean?

What does it mean to archive a message?

Archive is usually a location or file where you can put your older messages which are no longer needed on daily basis, but you might have a use for them in the future.

How to archive emails in outlook 365

Archiving in MS Outlook is very easy.
Simply click the folder you want to archive, open the Folder tab and open AutoArchive settings.
You can select how often to archive your emails and what should be your outlook archive folder.

If you are asking how to archive hotmail email messages then you cannot really archive the messages in the web version or Outlook - you need to use a desktop email app, such as MS Outlook or an alternative one, for example eM Client.
Read more about Archiving options in eM Client in this article: Archive your emails easily with eM Client.

What does archive do in outlook

So what is the default outlook or hotmail archive folder location? By default, your Archived items are stored in the "Outlook Files" folder in My Documents.

Mac mail archive

The default Mail App in macOS does provide archiving options. You can archive your messages to free up space on your mail server but still be able to serach and go through your messages in your mac. Mac mail Archiving is easy:

  1. Select your email in your inbox
  2. Click the Archive icon above the message preview (looks like a storage box)

Alternatively, control-click an email and select Archive from the pop-up menu.
You can also select an email and go to Message > Archive from the menu bar.

Other apps, such as eM Client, can also work as email archiver mac, but the archived messages are by default out of your way and not included in Search or Special folders unless you choose to do so.