What are the pros and cons of eM Client?

How does eM Client protect my personal information?

We value the privacy of our users above else. Your eM Client program is communicating directly with the provider’s server via encrypted channels - eM Client will always use the most secure option your server allows.
Moreover, your personal data is not sent to any third party services and eM Client company does not sell any data we do have about your your license. With correct setup, eM Client can become an impregnable fortress for your data!

Are there any alternatives to eM Client?

There are many applications that try to compete with eM Client, we have even prepared a comparison table for you to better navigate on the market.
The best you can do is to experience trial version of the application to test it out, eM Client specifically offers a free 30-day trial.

What are the problems with eM mail client?

Every stable release of the application is comprehensively tested so it contains as few bugs as possible. In case users are experiencing any issues, they can always turn to our support channel or send an email to [email protected] to address these.
It is, unfortunately, not always possible to be bug-free since we cannot test all system and email server combinations that exist, as eM Client is constantly evolving, but we are always trying our best and are very grateful to hear users' feedback.

Is eM Client the best email client?

According to many users it is. The intuitive and pleasant UI makes eM Client a great choice. We aim to be the number one solution for business and private users alike with great options to customize the look of the application. The current development leads to provide the support for both Android and iOS devices as well.

How much does eM Client cost?

eM Client offers two licensing options and you can find current prices here on our website - Pricing.
The Pro version includes updates for the major version of eM Client at a time, which is usually updated for cca 2 years. There are considerable discounts for users who purchase more licenses at once.
The Free version comes at no cost with some feature limitations and is for personal home use only.

How many email accounts can I have with eM Client?

Pro users have no limitation on the number of email accounts they can add to the app. Moreover, to easily navigate within your accounts, there are features such as advanced filtering and advanced search. Free users are limited to two accounts.

Can I use eM Client on my mobile device?

The anticipation will soon be over. The mobile version, full featured port of the desktop version, will be available very soon for both Android and iOS users! All your agenda will be easily accessible from within one powerful application.

Is eM Client better than Microsoft Outlook?

eM Client offers very similar functions as MS Outlook. We are confident that eM Client is able to handle all the tasks you may require, yet offer wider support for different providers. Also, the UI is much cleaner and allows more customization.

What is eM Client?

eM Client is a multi-platform email client that has been around since 2007 which can help you manage your agenda. It is developed as a user friendly, budget oriented alternative to big email client providers with clean design and unique functions for emails, events, online meetings, tasks, contacts, notes, attachments and chat.

Does eM Client Support S/MIME?

Yes, eM Client supports not only S/MIME but also PGP technology for email encryption and digital signatures. To further simplify encrypted communication and make it more accessible to everybody, eM Client features its own PGP public keys lookup service - eM Keybook as well as support for Protonmail and keys.openpgp.org.

How much does eM Client pro cost?

You can find all pricing details on the Pricing webpage. Multiple PRO licenses purchased at once are significantly discounted.
There is also the business version of the PRO license, which grants you access to License Manager web app which allows you global control over your eM Client licenses and activations.