Can you unsend an email?

Can I unsend an email?

It happened again, your attention slipped slightly away and you sent an email without proper attention to detail - be it a missing attachment, or a silly typo. In case your email is sent with high priority, or is important to you for any other reason, a question usually arises in your mind: “I need my email back, is there a way to unsend an email?”

Fear not, there is usually a way, and we will show you the approach on how to unsend email of some of the mainstream email providers.

How to unsend an email in Gmail?

Can you unsend an email in gmail? Yes, Google uses quite a simple way. Once you send your message, a pop-up window in the left bottom corner of your screen appears. By default, you have about six seconds to click on the undo button in this window. Clicking on it stops the message from being sent, moves it to drafts folder and lets you edit the message further. The best thing about this system is that you can edit this time window. Navigate to General tab of settings and find the Undo send. The options vary from 5 seconds to a whopping 30.

How do you unsend an email in Outlook?

How to unsend an email in Outlook? The approach from Microsoft is a lot more complex, but comes with a price of strict restrictions. There is no time frame in which you are able to unsend message in outlook. You are allowed to recall the message in Outlook anytime, but it comes at a cost. Both accounts need to be on the same server and also using the exchange service. The message can only be deleted if it was not read already. Moreover, any user can disable this feature so the requests to the server are simply denied. Recall messages, as the service is named, is definitely very powerful. Yet you would be lucky to actually see it in action besides in Microsoft company setups. Even then it could only be used within the company.

How to unsend an email using eM Client app?

Can you unsend an email in eM Client? Yes you can!
Starting with eM Client 9 the Undo Send feature is enabled by default. You can find all its settings in Menu > Settings > Mail > Send.

You can find a video tutorial for this feature below: