Threaded emails

Long chains of emails including multiple recipients sending endless responses can become overwhelming; especially when it’s time to dig through what feels like thousands of messages in order to find an important attachment. Before you know it, all of your important information is lost in a perpetual stream of replies.

An easy solution for this common problem is to enable email threading. Email threading keeps your list of communications together like a chain so that you can easily check the message history. The core functionality of this feature comes from chaining the mail subjects; but more advanced email client applications like eM Client include additional helpful features like conversations and thread view to improve the process.

The steps for setting up threaded emails on webmail is similar amongst many popular email services. After activating email threading, your messages are automatically grouped and you are given the power to delete irrelevant messages from the threads.

Threading emails with Microsoft Outlook 365

Microsoft Outlook webmail users can thread emails using the conversation function which can be turned on in settings. You have two options - to see new messages either at the top or bottom of the screen and to show deleted messages. Here’s how to thread emails on Outlook:

  • Click on settings at the top of the page in the toolbar.

  • Scroll down until you see the option Arrange Message List.

  • Select Group into Conversations.

Threading emails with Gmail

Similar to Outlook, threaded emails on Gmail are also called conversations: but the process for setting up this feature is even simpler than on Microsoft Outlook. The conversation view is located in settings and can only be toggled on and off by clicking on the box. An algorithm will now chain your threaded messages with the same topic together.

There are additional features to ensure that your message chain on Gmail sticks together and stays relevant based on the topic. For example, the limit for responding to a threaded message is exactly one week. If you don’t respond within this time frame, then your message chain will no longer be linked as a thread. Keep this in mind if you’re currently procrastinating on sending a response to a message in an email thread!

Organize threaded emails using eM Client

If you need to learn how to organize group messages on your eM Client application, you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft Outlook 365 and Gmail users will feel at home when organizing their group messages on eM Client. Our application also provides conversations as an option for grouping messages. eM Client users can also utilize thread view in order to manage and respond to messages organized in conversation

Our process for implementing threaded emails comes with extra benefits - eM Client uses a powerful algorithm to chain emails with the same subject, but with more defining criteria; including message-id and in-reply-to headers. This ensures that emails are grouped correctly within threads or conversations.

eM Client offers two viewing options to group messages:

  • Conversations: the purpose of conversations is to reduce the total number of messages about the same topic scattered around your inbox. This option displays messages about the same topic grouped under the same conversation topic.

  • Thread View: this option allows you to group your messages and respond to individual messages. Thread view allows you to view specific message threads within selected conversations.

Do you have multiple email chains happening in your email at once? No problem! Different conversations will be created to keep all of your messages right where they belong. Threaded emails will finally restore peace to your inbox - so you can relax the next time you have to reply all.