Threaded emails

In this article, we will take a look at the most useful function to deal with long strings of email communication. Basically, you type an email to several people and they reply, and then there are even more replies. Before you know, the topic in the long list of replies is lost along with some important attachments. To find the relevant information, you are forced to dig deep into history and work your way to find the answers - literally.

The idea of threading, which might seem trivial at first, is to keep these lists of communication together like a chain so you may always check the history. Most of the recent desktop email applications or even the web versions allow some form of threading. The core functionality comes from chaining the mail subjects, but the more advanced applications can do better with added features.

Threading Emails with Conversations

Let us compare some of the most established brands with eM Client’s approach. First off, the solutions that are described onward share the core functionality. The emails are automatically grouped and you are allowed to delete an irrelevant message from the threads.

Microsoft allows you to use their conversation function which can be turned on in the settings. You have two options - to see new messages either at the top or bottom of the screen and to show deleted messages which might be pretty useful.

Threaded emails in Google are also called Conversations. The conversation view is found in settings and can only be toggled on and off. An algorithm is chaining your messages with the same topic together, and there are more features to ensure the chain sticks together and is relevant. For example, the limit for responding to a message, so that it still counts as part of the thread, is one whole week.

The approach of eM Client is similar to one Google offers and is also called Conversations. Google’s own algorithm is used for Gmail accounts. Therefore, messages are displayed exactly the same, be it on android, desktop, or a webmail version.

For other email providers, the desktop version and any other may slightly differ. eM Client utilizes quite a powerful algorithm to chain emails with the same subject and more defining criteria (like message-id and in-reply-to headers). It offers two viewing options to choose from. You can either use conversations in all messages, or in message preview only. The first option reduces the total number of messages in your inbox, be it in the message list or the message preview. For users who prefer a more traditional approach, the second option does not change your message list and is only active in your message preview. The idea behind all of this is to keep the conversation together in case the topic changes and the original one is no longer relevant.

Starting in eM Client 9 a threaded view will also be available in the message list.

Whichever option you choose from, keep in mind you can always try eM Client’s trial version and see how it works for yourself with no limitations!