The Best Email Apps for Android

It’s important to stay connected on the go. The vast options for Android mail apps all make it easy to check your messages, no matter where you are. But with the abundance of email apps for Android - it’s overwhelming to decide which email app is the best for you. Our guide will break down the best email app for Android available today based on both features and functionality:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Boxer
  • Bluemail
  • Spark
  • CanaryMail
  • Newton

And if you’re looking for something fresh - we’ll introduce you to the best new email app for Android (and all mobile devices): eM Client.

Introducing the Best Email App for Android: eM Client!

eM Client has been a desktop email client favorite since its initial release in 2007. Since then, eM Client has earned the reputation of being a forward thinking, user-friendly application with features that emphasize conveniency and innovation.

The long-awaited release of the eM Client application for mobile devices - including Android devices - is finally here. eM Client for mobile is currently a Beta release - but it’s already holding up against other mobile applications.

eM Client for Android passed the application tests with flying colors. Compared to the previously listed email applications (Gmail, Outlook, Boxer, Bluemail, Spark, CanaryMail, and Newton), eM Client was determined to be the most efficient application. This is based on eM Client’s being the fastest mobile application to send large sized emails, and eM Client’s ability to send huge attachments (larger than 20mb) without crashing.

Here’s a snapshot of the features you can get with eM Client:

  • Watch for replies
  • Tags
  • IMAP, Exchange, Office365, iCloud, Yahoo and Google Workspace support
  • Templates
  • Customization
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Encryption (S/MIME, PGP, and eM Keybook support)

The mobile version of eM Client is completely free with no hidden costs. Future versions will include the calendar and other productivity tools that have been popular in the eM Client desktop application for years. Application improvements are ongoing and guarantee that eM Client will remain a top mobile email client for Android devices.

How does the competition compare?

Gmail App Android

The Gmail App for Android is the default option offered on all Android devices - so there’s no need to start the Gmail app download for Android. The Gmail sign in Android is easy to navigate; and if you can’t sign into Google account on Android phone - you can easily go to Manage Google Account through the Gmail app to reset your password.

The Gmail app for Android offers most of the features offered by Gmail for desktop, including:

  • Security filters
  • Undo send
  • Video calling
  • Group emails

Despite the variety of features; there are still some limitations to the Gmail app on Android. Only four additional email accounts can be added to the application - including non-Gmail accounts. Storage is limited to 15 GB of Cloud storage across Google applications, like Gmail and Google Photos.

Outlook for Android

The Outlook app Android is a great choice for users looking for the familiarity of their webmail-based Outlook account. The Outlook app offers an integration of your calendar and contacts in separate panels so you get a full view of your inbox and events. Here’s an Outlook for Android overview:

  • Focused inbox
  • Calendar page
  • Contacts page
  • Add additional accounts
  • File view

You do not need an Outlook email account to use the Outlook application. Office 365 email accounts can also be added to your Outlook for Android mail app. Like Gmail, 15 GB of storage are offered within the Outlook app for Android. Common complaints about Outlook for Android include the loading time and the lack of in-depth customization options.

Boxer for Android

Boxer for Android devices is a mobile email client offering productivity solutions for users with any email provider. The Boxer app for Android includes:

  • Inbox
  • Calendar
  • Quick replies
  • Customization options

Although Boxer offers great features, issues with synchronization between devices have often been reported. The application itself requires 400 MB of storage on your Android device - a compromise for great features.

Bluemail for Android

Bluemail for Android was designed based on the needs of tablet devices. However, all of Bluemail’s features are available for Android devices:

  • Generated text
  • Folder display
  • Calendar
  • Email synchronization

Bluemail is compatible with all major email providers, but synchronization issues have been reported. This can be frustrating for users trying to stay updated - especially if you’re anticipating an important message.

Spark Mail for Android

Spark boasts AI technology that aims to make the process of writing your emails easier. Unlike previous options, Spark does not offer a calendar - a limitation for managing a busy schedule.

Here’s an overview of Spark’s features:

  • AI technology that automates the writing process
  • Prioritized inbox
  • The ability to add multiple accounts to your inbox

Some of Spark’s features require a paid subscription; like the ability to send large attachments and to get full use out of their AI abilities.

CanaryMail on Android

Like Spark Mail, CanaryMail boasts a generative AI function that allows users to quickly create emails. In addition to the AI feature, CanaryMail offers:

  • Encryption
  • Organized inbox
  • Folders
  • PGP encryption

CanaryMail is compatible with all major email providers. However, synchronization and delay issues have been reported by CanaryMail users. Another drawback to CanaryMail on Android is that it does not offer a calendar feature for event management.

Newton Mail for Android

Newton Mail is advertised as being a unique application that is built for modern times. Newton for Android offers:

  • Email tracking
  • A simple inbox interface
  • Synchronization across several platforms for email providers

The downside to the Newton mail application? It requires a monthly subscription to access features offered for free in other applications. Frequent crashes and errors have also been reported.

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