Temporary emails & aliases

Nowadays an email address is much more than just an online mailbox, it is part of our lives, and people usually dislike giving out their information to those whom they do not fully trust. Hence temporary emails are created!

Temporary emails do not reveal your identity whatsoever, so you don’t have to be afraid of having your personal information leaked or worse, sold to third parties.

An alias is an alternative email address, which has no mailbox connected to it. Received emails are simply redirected to the account specified by the client, as opposed to a temporary email, which has its own mailbox, where the user’s messages are stored. Aliases can also be used temporarily and discarded when no longer needed or compromised.

When should you use a temporary email?

Temporary emails are usually used to sign up for a specific service, which is offered by a company which you do not trust. Unknown service providers tend to send unwanted newsletters and spam. No one wants their personal email inbox filled with spam from unknown sources.

Temporary email address providers:

We have created a list of some of our favorite temporary email address providers, for you to try out and check for yourself.

  • Mailbox - great for quick usage, simple one-off messages.
  • Mailsac - a more “permanent” temporary email.
  • Guerrillamail - allows you to send emails with attachments.

Temporary emails & aliases in eM Client

eM Client offers you the ability to use both aliases and temporary emails. You can easily add new accounts in eM Client by heading to Menu > Accounts, then clicking the +Add account button and setting up your temporary email account. The account can then be easily removed via the Delete button when you no longer need it.

Note: Free license users of eM Client are limited to only 2 email accounts, so you can use aliases instead.

You can easily create an alias by heading to Menu > Accounts, select your account, click on “Aliases” under the General setup of your account and add the alias’ email address to the list of Aliases.

eM Client: Email aliases

In order to send out on behalf of such an account, eM Client may require an initial setup of the account with your mail server, for instance connecting the two accounts in your online Account settings.

If you happen to be using Gmail, all you have to do is add a word of your choice to the initial username, and that automatically creates an alias. For example, if your main email address is [email protected], you can create an alias such as [email protected] and it will work right away. In case anyone was to spam that email address, you can setup a rule which automatically deletes received messages to this alias and remove it from your account to no longer be used.