Struggling with Hotmail login?

If you have been a long-time Hotmail user, you might have noticed that Microsoft has changed the login website for Hotmail accounts due to a rebranding. We will discuss your possibilities when returning to your old Hotmail account and what to do if you run into any issues. Let’s get into it!

Hotmail re-brand to

If you used Hotmail a while ago, you might wonder - “How to sign into my old Hotmail account?” after finding out there’s no Hotmail website anymore. Older Microsoft accounts like MSN, Hotmail, and Live were moved under the single service- after some time of rebranding and updating the Hotmail email service. The decline of users, increased spam, security issues, and growing competition from Gmail with its flexible user interface, bigger storage space, and faster response time contributed to Hotmail’s decline.
As a result, Hotmail was discontinued in 2014 and merged with

If you are unable to find Hotmail old version sign in page, worry not, it just has been moved to another website -
Once you log in via login page using your old Hotmail credentials everything should work out of the box but this time with the Outlook web interface which may take some getting used to. The upside is that you can keep the Hotmail email address but it is no longer possible to create Hotmail account from scratch. All the new accounts created under will have the corresponding domain.

If you are having trouble logging in or you just want to update your password for improved security, consider Hotmail password reset. It is performed the same way as a password reset of an account. Visit to get help with password reset.
There is, however, no Hotmail app so if you want to add your Hotmail account to another email app next part might be of help.

Using a Hotmail account with email apps

In Apple Mail, you need to use the “Other” option in the account setup wizard. Then follow the setup instructions- enter your email, and password and you should be done.

Microsoft Outlook has an automatic setup so you just provide the Microsoft Hotmail login credentials and you are ready to go.

Adding a Hotmail account to eM Client is just as easy and you get some extra security if you opt in for the encryption. Use the automatic setup field in Menu > Accounts > Add account and once you fill out the address, complete the authentication, and pick the preferred encryption option your account is ready to go.
See the setup instructions with screenshots and detailed account settings for Hotmail/ accounts.

If you will run into any issues during the setup you can also use these settings to manually configure your Hotmail account:

Outlook IMAP details:

  • IMAP server:
  • Port: 993

Outlook SMTP details:

  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 587

Changes to Hotmail account sign in procedure

With all the changes that were made to Hotmail, the new authentication process might surprise you so if you were using basic authentication the question might arise- “Why do I need to enter my Hotmail email login in a separate browser window?” To some it might seem suspicious but we assure you that there is nothing to be worried about as this authentication model is used by Gmail for ages and Microsoft has began pushing it too since they removed basic authentication for Hotmail accounts.

So, only the modern oAuth authentication method is allowed since Fall 2022 which is a significant change to the authentication process. Read more about it at our Blog.