Software for task management

Do you struggle to keep up with your never-ending to-do list? Task management is a feature offered by many popular email services to help you with the scheduling of tasks. Schedule everything you need to keep track of; from fitness classes to important business meetings. Tasks scheduling works differently than a calendar - tasks function more like a to-do list. Just like a classic to-do list, there’s nothing more satisfying than checking off each task you’ve completed. Popular email providers like Gmail and Outlook offer task management options that will help you get organized.

Task App Google

Google incorporates tasks throughout their website with several quick options for accessing tasks. Google tasks is great for anyone who would like to incorporate tasks into their work routine. You can access the scheduling of tasks through your web browser or you could download the G tasks app.

Users can access tasks for Google in Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Drive, Slides on the web browser. To find your tasks, do the following:

  • Log into your Google account.
  • Open a new Google Sheet, Doc, or Slides.
    If you’re using Gmail, Calendar, or Chat; you don’t need to open anything.
  • On the right side of your screen, you’ll see the tasks icon. If you don’t see it, you need to go to the bottom right corner of your screen. There’s an arrow that will open the right sidebar.
  • Click on tasks. Add tasks to get started!
  • Organize your Google tasks by adding dates and organizing them into personalized lists.

After you’ve completed a task, you can check it and it will disappear. This prevents the task list from getting clogged with completed work - so you can focus on what really needs to get done.

Tasks for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook’s task app works differently than Gmail. Tasks for Outlook is located in its own application that is accessible from the left side panel. After you select tasks for Outlook, it will redirect you to a new page.

Microsoft Outlook gives you the option to add attachments, set reminders, categorize, and add notes. Any tasks that have been assigned to you will also appear in the left sidebar. However, unlike tasks on Gmail, you must go to the tasks page in order to access your tasks.

Tasks for eM Client

eM Client is perfect for anyone who feels like they can’t keep up with their to-do list. If you’ve got multiple email accounts, obligations, and a million things to get done - eM Client will completely transform your organization. eM Client’s organized user-friendly interface gives you the ability to view your tasks, emails, contacts, calendar, and more. If you receive an email with instructions for a work task; you don’t need to go back and forth between your webmail and a separate task application if you have eM Client. Quickly switch between your email and the task section to document and categorize the things you need to do.

Create a new task with eM Client:

  • Go to the options at the bottom of the left side panel. Click More > Tasks.
  • On the left, choose the email account that you’d like to create a task for.
  • Next to the left panel, you’ll see the section where all of your tasks will be listed.
    At the top of this section, add your tasks by clicking and typing where it says: “Click to add a new task.”
  • Select the name of the account that you’d like to apply the task to.
    This is located next to “Save & Close.”
    After you’ve selected your account, save your task and you’re done!

Create a new task with eM Client:

Update the status of your task by clicking on the icon that shows a circle containing an arrow. You’ll be able to label your task with: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred, or Waiting on Someone Else. Tasks labeled Deferred will be moved to the On Hold section in the toolbar. Tasks labeled Waiting on Someone Else will be organized in the Upcoming and On Hold section in the toolbar. After you mark a task as Completed, it will be moved to Completed. This label organization prevents you from getting mixed up so you can prioritize the tasks that need your immediate attention.

See the tasks you’ve created for each email account all in one place. View the tasks for each email account by clicking on the account name. You’ll be shown all the tasks that you’ve created on eM Client or through webmail. The separation of the accounts lets you create tasks for both professional and personal purposes to keep your work and personal life separated.

eM Client offers more than just tasks! Check out our blog to learn more about all of eM Client’s innovative features that will enhance your life.