Shaw Webmail Login

Shaw is a multi-dimensional company located in Canada offering internet, mobile, phone, TV, and streaming services across the country. Anyone who subscribes to Shaw internet services has convenient access to a Shaw email.

We’ll cover how to access your Shaw webmail login to manage your email address. Shaw customers who want to get more than just the basic features offered by Shaw webmail also have the option of downloading eM Client - an advanced email client that will improve your efficiency!

How do I use my Shaw webmail login?

After you sign up for Internet services, you will be given an email account with the domain This is the address you will use for your Shaw webmail login. When you need to sign in to your Shaw account, go to the Shaw webmail login page. Once you are here, enter your webmail username and password.

If you forgot your password for your Shaw email, you can follow the steps outlined in the Shaw password recovery page. You will need to know your Shaw ID used for your internet services in order to recover your email account.

Can I get a Shaw email account without an internet plan?

Shaw webmail is not free and is only given to customers who have purchased a Shaw internet plan. If you cancel your Shaw internet plan, you’ll eventually lose access to your Shaw email. If you are concerned about losing your Shaw email after you cancel your internet plan, you can transfer your Shaw email to a trusted person who still pays for a Shaw internet plan. This option could be risky - whoever you transfer your email to will have full access to your account!

Another option is to transfer your Shaw email to a TELUS email account. This option is for customers who have switched internet providers from Shaw to TELUS. This solution will only work if you’re paying for TELUS internet. However, if you eventually cancel your TELUS internet - you’ll still be able to access your email account!

To access your old emails from your Shaw or TELUS account, you have the option of exporting your old emails locally or you can move them to a different email provider that is not associated with your internet provider. You can download or export your old emails using an email client like eM Client when you set up your email account in the application. Keeping a copy of your messages in the Local folders ensures that you will never lose access to your emails; even if you need to switch internet providers again.

How can I forward emails going to my Shaw account?

If you’ve recently decided to change email providers, it’s possible to set up email forwarding in your Shaw account for existing important communications. This will redirect all of the emails you receive to your new account - so you don’t need to worry about accessing your Shaw webmail login every time you need to see if you’ve received an important message. This is also useful for people who have recently canceled their Shaw internet and want to make sure they don’t lose important emails.

Shaw’s website will walk you through the process of setting up email forwarding. Emails can be forwarded to any account: Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Additionally, you can set up an out of office message in your Shaw email account to automatically notify recipients that you have a new email address. Include the name of your email address in the message so that your contacts know exactly how to get in touch with you.

Use eM Client with your Shaw email!

Looking for an easy email application that’s compatible with your Shaw email account? Try eM Client!

eM Client is compatible with all email accounts and can be downloaded directly on your device. eM Client is a great choice for anyone who wants the convenience of accessing your email account without ever worrying about forgetting your Shaw webmail login. Once your accounts are added to eM Client; you’ll be able to instantly access your emails every time you open the application.

After your Shaw email has been added, you’ll have access to great features that will revolutionize the way you use your email. Use your Shaw webmail login to add and synchronize your account in eM Client - and add as many additional accounts as you want! Easily switch between your email accounts by clicking on the name of your account in the left panel. Email, Tasks, Calendar, and Contacts are included - even for Free eM Client licenses.

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