Send later

Send Later or Delayed Send is a great feature for managing your email communication and respecting the work hours of your colleagues and partners at the same time. Does not matter whether you work with people in different time zones or prefer working at night, you can always schedule sending the message to fit the work hours of the recipient so he does not receive your email in the middle of the night or during a weekend with family. But this is not the only reason why you would use the send later function. You have the possibility to change your opinion or argument even after you hit the send button.

How to schedule an email to send later?

There are some apps and add-ons which allow the user to schedule email to send later.
So how to send scheduled email? You need to have access to some of those apps. Schedule send is fully supported for example by Microsoft Outlook.
To schedule Outlook email to send later, you need to click on the “More options” arrow from the Tags group in the top Ribbon. Under the “Delivery options”, check the “Do not deliver before”, set the date and time and close. This is how to schedule Outlook email to send later.

Can you send a scheduled text using an app other than Outlook?

Yes, you can. For example, sending a scheduled message is fairly easy in eM Client. eM Client offers Send later feature as well as Send later for all messages so you could set some sort of a fail safe, to additionally customise a message or stop the unwanted messages to be sent.

As mentioned, it can not be any easier. Simply compose a message, then click on the drop-down arrow icon in the right part of the “Send” button, select “Send later…”, set the desired date and time and confirm with “Ok”. You will see the scheduled time right on the Send button so once you are done composing, hit Send and the message will be moved to the “Outbox” folder. It will stay there until the time to send comes, so you can customise the message or remove it and cancel the send action completely, should the need arise.

To set up Send later by default, go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Send, check “Enable send later for all messages” and select the default delay. Then simply click on “Save and Close” and you are done. This feature is available with the PRO license of eM Client.

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