Resignation letter, email designs

Have you ever found yourself on a crossroad? You have just managed to land your dream job, but you are still in the work process with soon to be former employer? Today, we will tell you how to best approach this tricky situation.

It is not only polite, but also very clever to resign the right way. No one can tell where you may meet your coworkers in the future, or when someone asks for references regarding your work ethic. Good relationships can be crucial for your career development. Here are a few good steps to follow on how to quit professionally.

First, if possible, you should have a head-to-head conversation with your manager and explain the situation. A good idea is to have a resignation letter prepared so you can hand it over. Also, stay on guard for a counter-offer. However, what we can tell you is, counter-offer relations generally do not last long, so keep that in mind.

Resignation email samples

Not that long ago, resignation via email might have seemed like a discourteous approach, rude even. However, these days it is not always possible to discuss in person as more and more people are working remotely and the job- market is going through a never before seen evolution. Based on the circumstances it is perfectly possible to discuss your leave via telephone or some forms of online communication and use email as a resignation letter.

What should a decent template for such an email look like? We can divide it into three parts. Right before you actually start, keep in mind, your email subject should clearly state “resignation” or a similar form of statement and start with a formal greeting.

1. State your resignation details. The most important here is the date of your leave and position in the company.

  • Hereby, I would like to inform you that effective [date] I am resigning from my position as [Position] for [Company].

2. You should try to express gratitude for the gained experience and personal growth the company has provided you.

  • It has been a valuable experience and I am truly grateful for the support and growth that has been shown towards me. Working with the team was a pleasure.

3. The last section should contain some details on your transition. If possible and willing you may provide personal contact so the company can reach you even if the transition period is over.

  • In the following [leaving period] I will be more than willing to help my replacement with the transition and assist with any pending tasks. Thank you once again for the opportunity to work at [Company], I look forward to staying in touch and will be available at [email].

The right email client for business

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