How to delete a Gmail account

If you would like to find out how to delete a Gmail account or completely delete account with Google, this article will help you out with that. Given that it is an irreversible process there are a few considerations we’ll talk about.

How do I permanently delete my Gmail account, and should I?

First of all - “Can I delete my google account?” Of course, you can delete the account and all of its data but is it a permanent removal you need or will the account deactivation serve your needs better?

It is important to decide whether you just want to delete email account/mailbox or you want to get rid of the entire account. Aside from deleting Gmail, your Google account might be associated with Youtube, Chrome, Drive, and other Google services. Since we are talking about how to permanently delete Gmail account and/or how to delete an email account on GMail it’s good to think it through and double-check there are no data you could be missing down the line.

If you found some data you want to preserve, you can use the “Download your data” option on the account deletion page which is linked below.

Google delete account Google delete account

Once you checked the contents of various Google services and you are 100% certain it is safe to proceed, go to the account deletion page. On this page you can delete specific Google service from your account or delete Google account entirely. If you wanted to know “How can i delete my gmail account permanently without recovery?” we hope this question was answered today.

Removing Gmail account from eM Client

To remove the account and its data stored in eM Client you need to make sure it is IMAP account. You can find out what account type it is in Menu>Accounts, just click on the account and check the tabs on the right side of “Accounts” window.

If one of the tabs says POP, it means your account data are stored locally and you will need to use export to preserve the data before account deletion. Email export options can be found under Menu>File>Export, and once you are done with the export you can return to “Accounts” window, click on the bin icon next to the account and it will be removed.

However, if you are using IMAP account you can delete it straight away via “Accounts” and all of your emails will remain on the server. After re-adding the account again you all of its data will be downloaded right away.

For the account setup instructions visit our page dedicated to “Google Workspace”