PTD mail

PenTeleData is an internet provider who also provides email services under the PTD email domain

PTD net webmail

How to access your ptd webmail? Simply open your browser and go to
Use your ptd email login - your ptd net email address and password - and click log in to load up your emails.

PTD net email in eM Client

You can easily setup your email account in eM Client.
Simply go to Menu > Accounts, click 'New account' and insert your ptd net login - eM Client will automatically detect the correct email settings from the ptd promail server.
You can also set up the account manually if needed using the Mail > Other option instead of the Automatic setup.

PTD net mail Server information:

  • IMAP (incoming/host name):
  • Port 143
  • SMTP (outgoing/host name):
  • Port 25 or 587
  • SMTP Authentication is required