ProtonMail with eM Client

Proton (formerly ProtonMail) has rightfully earned the reputation of being one of the most secure email providers available on the market. Established in 2013 in Switzerland, Proton guarantees advanced security for their users due to both their servers and advanced Swiss privacy laws. ProtonMail’s servers also utilize an advanced encryption technique to keep the content of your messages virtually unhackable. .

Their security application, ProtonBridge, provides extra security measures that work with your ProtonMail account and any email application you have installed on your computer. Proton Bridge is required to connect your ProtonMail with external email applications – your email will not connect to your application without it. ProtonMail is fully compatible with all email clients – including eM Client! ProtonMail users who sign up for eM Client will be able to rest easy knowing that they have the most secure email provider and email client available on the market today.

ProtonMail sign in

The ProtonMail login process is simple. If you’re using webmail, navigate to the ProtonMail website using when you need to sign into your Proton account. Type in your username or ProtonMail email address in the Protonmail login page.

Your free ProtonMail email should be formatted to include the ProtonMail email domain: [email protected]. Type your username and password, click enter, and you’re in!

If you can’t remember your password; click on “Trouble signing in?” located on the sign in page. You’ll see two options: reset username or reset password. It’s important that you prioritize setting up ProtonMail account recovery so that you’re able to access your email – before you’re in this situation and left wondering “What is my Protonmail login?” and how to reach my mail Protonmail.

It’s important to note that in 2022, the old Protonmail login information was changed from to Your old Proton login should If you can’t remember the details you set up for account verification, you need to contact ProtonMail support for a solution.

Protonmail FAQ

Protonmail is widely regarded as a trustworthy email option. However, you might still have questions before you choose to sign up. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Is Protonmail free safe?
    Yes. Protonmail free is just as safe as the paid options, according to some it is the best free secure email provider. The only difference is the amount of storage and emails you get to send with a free vs. paid Protonmail account.
  • Is Protonmail safer than Gmail?
    Yes. Protonmail emphasizes security, and includes end-to-end encryption. Unlike Gmail (and other popular mail providers), Protonmail does not ask for personal information in the setup process. This protects users from the risk of losing personal data.
  • Do hackers use Protonmail?
    No. This was a recently dispelled rumor. Though technically hackers could use any email address, Protonmail’s top tier security features make it a poor choice for potential hackers.
  • How do I create Protonmail account?
    Go here to learn about your options and Protonmail sign up.

What is ProtonBridge?

Proton’s most appealing feature is their encryption services. ProtonBridge is a separate application that can be downloaded for free and used with ProtonMail and your email client to secure your emails through automatic encryption. Once you download ProtonBridge on your device, it will continuously run on your device to encrypt messages.

Every email sent with ProtonBridge is secured using end-to-end encryption through the server. Encryption is done before the message ever reaches the recipient’s inbox. This prevents your messages from being read by hackers – only you and your recipient will be able to see the message.

ProtonBridge encrypted emails are secured with a PGP keypair. This essentially functions like an additional password for your messages. Only users who have access to the secret PGP key will be able to read the email.
eM Client users with ProtonMail accounts can conveniently look up shared PGP keys through Proton,, or the eM Keybook directory.

Use ProtonMail with eM Client!

The best part about ProtonBridge and ProtonMail? They’re fully compatible with your new favorite email application: eM Client! This is great news for eM Client users who want an additional layer of security outside of eM Client’s own secure platform. Keep in mind that unlike other popular email providers; you’ll need to do a manual setup for ProtonMail because of the IMAP settings. This is due to ProtonMail’s extra security features.

Here are the steps for adding your ProtonMail account to eM Client to make it your Protonmail app:

  1. If you haven’t already download eM Client and activate your license.
  2. Add an account by going to Menu > Accounts > Add Account.
  3. Click Mail > Other.
  4. On the page labeled Identity, type your ProtonMail email address using the domain or your custom domain if you have a paid program.
  5. The next page will have you set up the Incoming Server. Select IMAP and add the server address: Before you continue, enter your username and password for the associated ProtonMail account.
  6. On the next page, titled Outgoing Server, you’ll be asked to add the name of your Server address. The port number is 125. Type the following: At the bottom of this window, you’ll add authentication by typing the alternative username and password associated with your ProtonMail account.
  7. The next page shows test configuration for IMAP and SMTP. You can click Ignore and continue.
  8. Confirm your account details: your name and email address.
  9. Set up encryption. You can choose to set up a new PGP keypair or import an already existing keypair. You must import your existing ProtonMail keypair to read your old messages. If you create or add a keypair to eM Client, you have the option of sharing your key to eM Client’s public key directory.
  10. On the final setup page, you’ll be asked if you’d like to select an account avatar. Below the avatar, you will set up your sync options. Select your options in the dropdown list labeled: “Message sync options.” You will also see an option to download messages for offline use and if you’d like to include attachments in your downloads.
  11. Click Finish and your ProtonMail set up with eM Client is complete!

eM Client’s full compatibility with ProtonMail and ProtonBridge’s encryption feature give you the best of both worlds: an advanced email client and email provider. eM Client is a cutting-edge email client that offers more than just email.

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