Outlook 365 GoDaddy login

Due to the changes that will take effect on October 22nd 2022, Microsoft will no longer allow basic authentication for IMAP/POP accounts which includes the Office 365 accounts provided by Go Daddy. This article’s purpose is to give a guide on how to set up Godaddy accounts Exchange Web Services protocol in eM Client.

You can also read more about these changes for microsoft 365 login GoDaddy on their website here: Find my Microsoft 365 server settings.

Go Daddy email log in

eM Client supports automatic setup for many services, so in most cases, these steps should suffice, since GoDaddy, as a office 365 GoDaddy service, offers Exchange setup as default now:

  1. Go to Menu > Accounts
  2. Click Add account
  3. Insert your email address for the GoDaddy Outlook account into the Automatic setup section
  4. eM Client will try to detect your server settings from your mail server, follow the setup steps, one of which is an oAuth in an external window
  5. Once the setup and oAuth get through, your account will be added to eM Client and synchronize your data

If the automatic setup does not go through, you can try manual.

  1. Open your eM Client and navigate to Menu > Accounts
  2. Select Add account, Mail and select Exchange
  3. For Email address and User name use your email address. Password is entered into the last line
  4. Afterward you will be asked for your Server address. The default for Microsoft 365 accounts is https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx
    If that is not the correct address for your server, insert the one you know or ask your admin/provider at GoDaddy for a correct one
  5. The setup will then automatically open your default browser, where you will be asked to log into your account. Once eM Client is given permission, the setup is finished.

GoDaddy error - Your browser is unusual

If the oAuth fails on the error "Your browser is unusual..." you need to install a newer version of eM Client at least 8.2.1509 should work fine, but getting the latest is preferable.