Meaning of offline mode and how it works

Offline mode is a special state of your email program in which it's not connected to the Internet. You can do your usual work, such as reading messages in your Inbox and replying to them. As soon as you turn off offline mode, everything will be synchronized or sent.
This feature is especially useful when you have limited data available or slow internet connection.

Offline mode outlook

In offline mode Outlook is not connected to the Internet, which means while offline mode is on, your sent messages won’t be sent and your Inbox folder will not synchronize incoming messages. As soon as you turn off offline mode, all messages from Sent folder are sent and your Inbox is synchronized.

eM Client also supports this feature.

How do I turn on offline mode

  • To turn on offline mode in eM Client, go to Menu > File > Work offline.
  • In Outlook select Send/Receive tab, then click on Work Offline button.

How do I turn off offline mode

  • To turn off offline mode in eM Client simply click on red Offline indicator next to the Refresh button and you will be back online.
    You can also click the Menu > File > Work Offline option again to uncheck it.
  • In Outlook select Send/Receive tab, then click on Work Offline button.

Offline mode google

Google supports offline mode for Gmail and Google Disk.
When turning on offline mode, Gmail starts to download all your messages to local storage on your device. Also, don’t forget to create a bookmark for offline access.

Or you can add your Gmail account to eM Client and easily use your Gmail account offline.

Offline mode gmail

To set offline mode for gmail, click on the Settings icon, then in the menu click on the See all Settings option. After that select Offline tab and enable offline mode.
But since eM Client fully supports Gmail accounts, it is easier to synchronize your account in eM Client and turn on offline mode there - if you use more than one account, you can easily enable this option for all your accounts.