What is the Microsoft One Outlook?

Microsoft is preparing a new look for their current Microsoft Outlook which will become their one and only default email client on Windows - this creation which advertises itself to be a simpler, lighter, and more powerful version is called "Microsoft One Outlook" for now.

Microsoft One Outlook - what is it?

Microsoft One Outlook is meant to replace the current inconsistencies between the default Windows Mail app and the Microsoft Outlook service - both the webmail and dekstop versions. The app will be fully hosted online as opposed to it continuing Outlook's current state of being a native app already built-in Microsoft computers, according to a tweet from The Verge's Senior Editor, Tom Warren.

The Verge attempted to get a statement from Microsoft about its decision to make Outlook web-based, but the company didn't respond to any inquiry. This could be an improvement for some, as the app will not take up much space on your device, but could prove troublesome for users who like to keep their emails locally.

After it's release, Microsoft One Outlook should be renamed to just "outlook" for simplicity.

A desktop client to replace Microsoft One Outlook

If you prefer to decide on your own if you want to keep your emails online or locally, look no further then eM Client. eM Client provides many of the same features as Microsoft Outlook and more!

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eM Client also provides detection of email tracking pixels so noone can use your emails to spy on your activity and support of both S/MIME and PGP encryption of your emails to ensure your communication is always private.

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